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Legion M is a production company, a movie studio, and a multimedia entertainment company, but all funded by fans.

Instagram gives us visual evidence that yes, the lives of talented directors and filmmakers are far more exciting than ours.

There are some films the world simply isn’t supposed to understand. Here’s our ranking of the eleven weirdest films that would definitely blow their minds.

As Sundance London 2018 came to a close last week, we’re looking at how the European edition presented the highlights of the mother festival in Park City, Utah.

We’re sure you don’t need any help celebrating your local LGBTQI community and getting sloppy drunk with Sandra from accounting for it, but you might want some guidance

After remaining in development hell for a number of years, it seems like the long-awaited third (and hopefully final) chapter in the Bad Boys saga will finally hit

If you can’t wait to see the Eleventh Doctor get his kit off in 'Mapplethorpe', there are plenty of other films about great artists. Painters, photographers, filmmakers and

Did you leave a plate of cookies and a glass of milk out for Snoop Dogg last night? Because today is 4/20, which means this entire weekend can

Gary Whitta is to team up with the original writer of 'The Last Starfighter' to develop the remake for the big screen. Meanwhile, David Mickey Evans, director of