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Here’s our ranking of the eight scariest films where the monster takes root within a family, a relationship, a romance, or a bedroom, and tries to destroy it

Born on May 17 1936, Dennis Hopper would have been celebrating his 82nd birthday this year. The revered Hollywood icon sadly passed away in 2010, but his legend

Did you leave a plate of cookies and a glass of milk out for Snoop Dogg last night? Because today is 4/20, which means this entire weekend can

Cannes Film Festival will award Martin Scorsese with this year’s Carrosse d’Or – the Golden Coach prize. To celebrate this well-deserved award, we’ve collected some of the best

The syrupy smooth vocal stylings of Alec Baldwin will soon be gracing our screens again. Following a brief stint hosting his own talk show, the eldest Baldwin brother

Usually found drinking a bottle of whiskey a day – a habit we can’t discourage enough – Krysten Ritter’s scowling, biting performance as 'Jessica Jones' ranks high among

Happy holidays! Over the next few weeks a deluge of films that deserve a viewing are coming online. Amazon Prime has a ton of stuff well worth checking

The Shining is an immortal work. It might just be the greatest horror film ever made. Stanley Kubrick’s puzzling film has, for decades, enraptured audiences and left critics