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Dive into the chilling mystery of Star Stowe's unsolved saga. Can Netflix crack the case? Hang on every twist in this grim, glamorous tale that's begging for justice.

Have authorities finally discovered the Zodiac Killer? Learn who was the infamous serial killer and why people think Gary Francis Poste is guilty.

Sam Sheppard’s life was unusual to say the least. He would also be accused of the murder of his wife, a cold case that is still unsolved to

In 1988, Tara Calico went for a bike ride and never came home. 30 years later, she's still missing, but her family believes she's still alive.

The death of a town bully Ken Rex McElroy, a town that saw who did it, and no one saying anything making it one of the craziest cold

Mary Catherine Edwards was murdered in her home in Beaumont, Texas on January 13, 1995. Has this cold case finally been solved?

The Princes in the Tower is a longstanding mystery within British royalty. But will we ever find their true killers? It depends if the Queen lets them.

It's been fourty-two years since Barbara Jean disappeared in Virginia Beach, VA. To this day, she remains one of the city's biggest true crime stories.

JonBenét Ramsay would have turned thirty-years-old in 2020. With her case still open, we can't help but wonder where her killer is.