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Discover how Ruby Franke faced child abuse allegations on YouTube. What really happened?

Collin mysteriously disappeared from the limelight around the time he turned 12. Look at what Kate Plus 8 kids are up to now.

After an article alleged PornHub of sex trafficking and child porn, two top execs of the site’s parent company resigned. Uncover the MindGeek scandal now.

The Catholic Church has a dark history of covering up instances of clergy sexual abuse. Here's how something so vile can still be so widespread.

There's a veil of secrecy around child abuse that makes life even more difficult for victims. Help pull back the veil and improve lives all over the world.

Ghislaine Maxwell has finally been found guilty for her sex trafficking crimes. What exact crimes was the socialite involved with in her younger years?

Ghislaine Maxwell's trial has finally begun and the alleged victims have taken the stand. See what's happened so far and what the victims have to say.

Over a decade later, Madeleine McCann's disappearance still hasn't been solved. However, an ex-girlfriend of the prime suspect has revealed new details.

Ghislaine Maxwell's trial has finally begun and the first of four accusers has testified. Read the disturbing details from the alleged victim's testimony.