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Collin mysteriously disappeared from the limelight around the time he turned 12. Look at what Kate Plus 8 kids are up to now.

‘Kate Plus 8’: Are the kids okay? Inside the family’s latest abuse allegations

Ever wondered what happened to the reality TV star brood of Jon and Kate Gosselin? The reality TV family that shot to fame in 2007 with their show, Jon & Kate Plus 8, has had its fair share of dramatic twists and turns. Amidst the fanfare, an epic legal battle waged, costing Jon Gosselin a cool million dollars. But what pushed him to shell out that kind of money? His son Collin’s safety.

Breaking point

Following Jon and Kate’s acrimonious split in 2009, a family secret began to simmer beneath the surface. Their son, Collin, now 19, has recently shed light on his abrupt absence from the family unit. Known to the world for being part of a sextuplet set, Collin mysteriously disappeared from the limelight around the time he turned 12.

In a heartbreaking revelation, it was discovered that he had been sent away to Fairmont Behavioral Health Institute in Philadelphia. The reason behind the sudden shift? Collin claims his mother, Kate, feared he was about to unveil some deep-seated family secrets.

The whispers of discontent started as Jon was accused of cheating, while Kate was granted full custody of their eight kids. But when Collin was conspicuously absent from his siblings’ 12th birthday party in 2016, rumors swirled around the fate of this missing member of the sextuplet set. The official statement? Collin had been “diagnosed with a behavioral disorder” and was residing elsewhere. But was there more to the story?

Collin has broken his silence on the troubling chapter of his life in the upcoming Vice TV series, Dark Side Of The 2000s. The teenager suggests his mother shipped him off to quash the chances of him exposing the family’s concealed truths about their home life.

Father and fight

Collin’s harrowing journey through the behavioral institute, a place he described as a “really dark place,” triggered a desperate plea for help. The troubled teen reached out to his father, Jon, by sending a secret handwritten letter.

Overwhelmed by his son’s disheveled appearance and loaded medication regimen during a visit to a Pittsburgh institution, Jon realized the gravity of the situation. When doctors at the institution reportedly told him they still had no diagnosis for Collin, Jon decided to launch a formidable legal battle for his son’s custody. 

After a legal tug-of-war, draining him of a million dollars, Jon emerged victorious, securing full custody of both Collin and his daughter, Hannah.

The fallout of this ordeal runs deep. Collin hasn’t spoken to his siblings Aaden, Alexis, Joel, Leah, Mady, and Cara since 2016. Hannah confirmed the sad truth that Collin was often isolated from the rest of the kids due to his perceived “bad behavior.”

Collin now believes fame and fortune led his mother astray, suggesting she is a changed woman. “I think she has a good heart and good intentions, but TV and money and fame changes people,” he shared.

On a more hopeful note, Hannah revealed she and Kate are trying to mend their relationship. As for Jon, he had previously expressed to DailyMail TV in 2019 that forgiving Kate for sending Collin away might be a bridge too far.

Looking Forward

Even with the dark past, Collin and Hannah are focusing on the future, celebrating recent graduations alongside their father. In a heartfelt Instagram post, Collin thanked Hannah for standing by him and his dad for teaching him resilience.

In a world captivated by reality TV, the tale of Jon & Kate Plus 8 serves as a reminder that not all that glitters is gold. The Gosselins’ story has unfolded as a complex tale of fame, fortune, and familial ties. As they step forward into the future, one question lingers: will the family ever find a way to bridge the gaps and heal the wounds of the past?

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