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'Bandersnatch' manages to transcend its series, 'Black Mirror', to become the type of jewel-like puzzle-case technodystopia in classic cyberpunk novels.

"Bandersnatch" is a feature-length, choose-your-own-adventure episode of 'Black Mirror' that's guaranteed to swoop in and completely ruin our year.

Bingewatching TV shows can be a great way to kill six or seven hours when you should be doing anything else. Some shows are simply too epic to

With high ratings across the board, Netflix's 'The Rain' follows two young siblings as they embark on a perilous search for safety after a devastating biological catastrophe wipes

Zombies are all fun and games, but did you know they might be a legit threat? May is Zombie Awareness Month and while that might sound like a

Streaming from yesterday, Hulu's new series 'Hard Sun' follows two detectives with opposing viewpoints who are forced to work together in a pre-apocalyptic criminal world. It’s definite bingeworthy

Since the dawn of cinema, films and TV have transported us to other worlds and other times. Now, technological advancement is allowing viewers to immerse themselves deeper into

'Black Mirror' creator Charlie Brooker has revealed the unlikely inspiration behind his romcom episode “Hang the DJ”. You might have assumed the episode was a reference to Tinder,

If The Big Sick made you lovesick, then this Independent piece about the current – and future – state of the romcom will be a match made in