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Christina Nance, a young Black woman, was found dead inside a police van. Read the local police's statement and how her family is reacting to the tragedy.

Kristen Stewart & Dylan Meyer are defining what it means to be relationship goals in 2021. Here’s what you should know about their whirlwind romance.

Twenty-three year old Elijah McClain was killed by police in 2019. Read how the officers responsible for his death are being indicted two years later.

Andy Jassy will take over as CEO of online retail behemoth Amazon. as Bezos steps down. Who is Andy Jassy?

The memorial sculpture created for Breonna Taylor was vandalized. Here's what happened and what's being done.

Protests in Denver related to Breonna Taylor's case nearly became tragic when a car tried to drive through a crowd.

Minneapolis, MN is the first to propose significant budget cuts to the police. Let's find out what's in store for the police and their budget.

People are already making predictions for the rest of 2020. Here is a timeline of 2020 and the horrible events of this year so far.