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Angelina Jolie has been spotted at the same event as The Weeknd. Dig into the story and find out if the 'Blinding Lights' star is Angie's new boo.

What's up with The Weeknd's face and will we see his ugly mug at the Super Bowl? Delve into the unique way The Weeknd promoted his album.

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Is The Weeknd promoting a new album, or is there another reason his face keeps getting uglier? Check it out here!

Did the song "Blinding Lights" ruin The Weeknd's face? Shade your eyes before diving into an investigation of the singer's changing face.

If you thought the bandaged face was the end of The Weeknd's metamorphosis, then you better check out what the popular singer looks like now!

How high is The Weeknd's net worth? He seems to dominate the popular music charts so surely it must be staggering . . . right?

It feels like every time you look at The Weeknd and his bandaged face, it's blinding like lights. What happened to the singer to cause such a mess?