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In her passing, Hollywood hasn't just lost an actress; it has lost an institution, an emblem of passion and resilience.

Hollywood has had its controversies regarding “me” time. Brace yourself, because here’s our ranking of the ten most controversial self-pleasure scenes.

Is Ellen Degeneres getting accused of being mean and toxic again? Find out what ex girlfriend and actress Anne Heche had to say about her here.

When they were young Ellen DeGeneres and Anne Heche were an item. What happened to Heche's career after she and Ellen came out?

Did you know that Ellen DeGeneres had a relationship before her wife Portia de Rossi? Read about Anne Heche and their relationship together.

Season 29 of 'Dancing with the Stars' is officially underway, now that the celebrity cast has been announced. Why did Chrishell Stause accept the offer?

Could Chrishell Stause be joining the newest season of 'Dancing with the Stars'? Here's what we know about the potential cast.

Anne Heche dated Ellen DeGeneres for three years at the end of the last century. Here's what Anne had to say about 'The Ellen DeGeneres Show' host.

Directed by Marc Meyers, ‘My Friend Dahmer’ is a bleak coming-of-age story that delves into the early life of serial killer Jeffrey Dahmer.