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Grab your silver bullets and garlic bread: we have some spookiness coming your way. Take on the world's greatest foes in our classic monster movie quiz!

Wield your silver to slay our classic monster movie quiz

With Halloween on the horizon, the classic monsters we love rise from the grave or come out of the woods to stalk unsuspecting humans who walk for candy and fun. Can you beat the creatures of the night? Find out with our classic monster movie quiz! 

From Frankenstein to werewolves, monsters have always held a special place in our hearts when autumn comes around. They give us scares nothing else can and reasons to tease our one squeamish friend until next Halloween. 

So grab your friends (even the squeamish one), get some silver, learn some Latin, and try to beat our classic monster movie quiz. Don’t forget to tweet us your score at @FilmDaily.

Defeat the greatest foes with our classic monster quiz.

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