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We’re turning our attention to the scariest screenplays so you can find out how to bring the chills with your writing skills.

What better way to prepare for Zombie Awareness Month than watching every single great zombie movie to sharpen up on your slaughtering skills?

Of all the classic American horrors that have graced the big screen over the past few decades, there’s a surprising amount of incredible shooting locations still standing and

Could movies exist without a well-crafted score? For many of the great auteurs, music and film go hand in hand – you simply can’t build one without the

Zombies are all fun and games, but did you know they might be a legit threat? May is Zombie Awareness Month and while that might sound like a

Woah! Happy Halloween! Are you ready to GET SPOOKED? We’re already catatonic with all the spooks we’ve been getting. Such a scary day, gee-wiz. Anyways, we’re here to

Acclaimed director and hero of horror, George Romero, has died at 77 after a short but aggressive battle with cancer. Romero’s work first mesmerized audiences in 1968 with Night