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Luckily, there are a few awesome spinoffs to check out instead of mourning the “death” of AMC’s 'Walking Dead'. Binge these shows now.

AMC’s ‘Walking Dead’: Watch these spinoffs as you mourn its death

The production & release of AMC’s Walking Dead was brilliant because it’s become the most addictive, exciting zombie-themed TV series pretty much . . . ever! In 2010, the first episode aired starring Andrew Lincoln in the leading role as Rick Grimes. While many other cast members weren’t able to survive all the way up to season 11, Andrew Lincoln has been around for the long haul to close the series out. 

Now that it has officially been announced that the finale season is going to air in 2022, fans are wondering what they are going to be able to watch after the show comes to an end. Luckily, there are a few awesome spinoffs to check out instead of mourning the “death” of AMC’s Walking Dead.

The Walking Dead: Torn Apart

The Walking Dead: Torn Apart became the spinoff to see in 2011 after its six terrifying, fascinating episodes were added to AMC Network’s official website. It’s connection to AMC’s Walking Dead is clear & obvious as it sheds light on Hannah’s origin story. True fans of the show recall that she was given the nickname of “Bicycle Girl” after she was slaughtered in the very first episode by Rick Grimes himself. 

Her story didn’t just begin there – there’s a lot to learn about her and who she was before the zombie outbreak took over. She was once a normal single mom, just trying to raise her children in a safe environment before everything was taken from her.

The Walking Dead: Cold Storage

The Walking Dead: Cold Storage took some notes from AMC’s Walking Dead when developing such an intense & dramatic four-part web series. Fans who were anticipating the third season were able to satiate themselves for a bit with the help of Cold Storage in 2012. 

This web series did so well that it ended up earning a Writers Guild of America Award for Outstanding Achievement in Writing Derivative New Media. The title really says it all as the series focuses on zombie survivors investigating an abandoned storage area, only to be stunned by what they find. Sometimes it’s better not to go digging.

The Walking Dead: World Beyond

2020 was certainly a year filled with many problematic issues but the release of The Walking Dead: World Beyond wasn’t one of them. Executive producer Robert Kirkman and Program Creator Scott M. Gimple worked together flawlessly to tell the story of dangerous living standards for people surviving their day-to-day life in a post-apocalyptic world.

AMC’s Walking Dead focuses on characters of all ages but World Beyond is about a group of teenagers who decide to venture away from the comforts of their safe zone to go on a lifesaving mission for their father. These episodes are set in the state of Nebraska and give a bit of insight on how completely normal people can go down the path of evil or the path of righteousness, depending on extenuating circumstances.

Fear the Walking Dead

Fear the Walking Dead is the spinoff that got the most clout & attention due to the fact that it has a total of six mind-boggling & spellbinding seasons. This awesome spinoff is a prequel that sheds light on what the zombie apocalypse looked like when it was just getting started and becoming widely spread throughout mankind.

The chaos of what is about to ensue begins to unravel before everyone’s eyes and they must quickly figure out how to adjust and modify their ways of life or risk dying at the hands of ravenous zombies. Life before the apocalypse was so comfortable and calm but once the outbreak took over, things were never the same.

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