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Epic TV shows capture our imagination and keep us engaged. Here are the best online games based on TV shows you know and love.

Online Games Based On Iconic TV Shows

Epic TV shows capture our imagination and keep us engaged, eagerly anticipating the twists and turns of thrilling storylines, as we follow the stories of cherished characters and their wonderfully crafted narratives. While there are many great shows that have left a lasting impression, there are three that have inspired fully interactive online games, bringing forth the opportunity to experience our favorite shows from a different and unique perspective.

Game of Thrones Winter is Coming

Hailed by fans and critics alike, Game of Thrones is widely regarded as being amongst the best HBO series of all time. This epic production spanned eight seasons, boasted exceptionally high production standards, plus a massive international fanbase and a unique place in popular culture. Throughout its run, GoT also received impressive recognition, including 59 Emmy Awards, which is a record number of wins for a scripted television series.

Critics praised the sweeping scope of the storyline, especially the complexity of the characters and the sweeping scale of the narrative, spread throughout the fictional continents of Westeros and Essos. Audiences were truly shocked and awed by the depth of political intrigue and conflicts, as the ruling families battled for supremacy within the Seven Kingdoms, aiming to claim the Iron Throne. Indeed, this is what made the show ideal for video game treatment.

While a variety of PC and console games were produced, Game of Thrones Winter is Coming became the first officially licensed browser game, launched worldwide by Yazoo Games in March 2019. Further versions were launched for Steam in November 2019, followed by a mobile port in July 2020. Designed as a Massively Multiplayer Online Real Time Strategy (MMORTS), players assume the role of a lord or lady, seeking control of the Seven Kingdoms.

Featuring resource management elements that are commonplace in RTS games, players can also obtain a their very own dragon, which can be nurtured from hatchling to become a valuable asset in battles against other armies. Iconic and popular characters from the TV show can also be recruited, plus alliances can also be forged with other online players, adding to the intrigue and atmosphere that made the original GoT show so successful.

Star Trek Khan

Star Trek Online

When executive producer Gener Roddenberry created Star Trek in the late 1960’s, which ran for three seasons and 79 episodes, little could he have imagined just how influential it would become. Despite nearly being cancelled before the first pilot episode was even aired in the United States, the series went on to enjoy phenomenal international syndication success, as the Star Trek brand earned its place in popular culture and became a cult classic.

Now firmly established as one of the most successful TV and movie franchises of all time, the original Star Trek concept has led to eight television productions and 13 feature films, while additionally generating a huge merchandising empire. One of the most popular elements of the franchise is the continuity, despite the addition of alternate timelines and universes in recent movie and TV show productions.

Given there’s a huge amount of lore to play with, along with an almost infinite amount of story possibilities, it’s hardly surprising that Star Trek has formed the basis for more than 150 video game releases dating back to the first back in 1971. Indeed, this is what inspired the development of Star Trek Online by Cryptic Studios, allowing them to create a full universe including story arcs from the TV shows and movies.

Players can seek out strange new worlds and civilizations, exploring all four quadrants of the galaxy and hundreds of unique Star Trek locations, while getting the opportunity to interact with characters from the original TV shows and movies which inspired this epic online game. Role-play with your own captain, manage your own starship and recruit a worthy crew, then engage in combat an exploration, both in space and with an away team on planets.

The Walking Dead

Set in the midst of a zombie apocalypse, The Walking Dead was an instant hit when it first aired in October 2010, as viewers were introduced to the cult comic book universe created by Robert Kirkman. Amongst other names, the shambling undead are known as “walkers” in the TV show and interestingly, the word “zombie” has never been used once in eleven seasons the show has been running. Following 11 seasons, the final episode will air in 2022.

However, that is far from the end of this fictional universe, which has already produced spinoff shows including Fear the Walking Dead and The Walking Dead: World Beyond. Also in the pipeline are three movies, picking up on the story of lead character Rick Grimes (played by Andrew Lincoln), who departed the show in season 9. AMC has also announced Tales of the Walking Dead will debut in 2022 as an episodic anthology series, while there’s a spinoff series focusing on popular characters Daryl and Carol, expected to air in 2023.

With so many stories and narratives to explore, it’s hardly surprising The Walking Dead has become the inspiration for several video games, including two online slots produced by Aristocrat Technologies. They have become hugely popular at leading online casinos, although learning how to spot a good gambling site can sometimes be tricky, almost like trying to find survivors amidst a horde of shambling zombies. That’s why Vegas Online Slots produced their extensive guides, providing tips and advice for safe and secure online slots gaming.

Set during the first couple of seasons, The Walking Dead Slots pick up the narrative of when Rick Grimes and his group reached the CDC building in Atlanta, Georgia. In the sequel, The Walking Dead 2 slot game cranks up the action of later seasons, including all the main characters, along with improved animations and bonus features. These two slots are certainly a fine addition to the franchise, capturing the essence of risk and reward with every spin of the reels, reflecting the tough decisions characters would make in the TV show.

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