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TikTok has discovered the Twilight movies and books and they have some fire memes about Edward Cullen.

TikTok has discovered ‘Twilight’: All the iconic videos about Edward

Twilight is the ultimate comfort blanket for the horror that’s been 2020. Rewatching hours upon hours of sparkly vampires, horny teenagers, and CGI werewolves can make anyone feel a sense of ease. 🧛‍♂️ For many, Twilight is a guilty pleasure and for Twihards – it’s a way of life. 

It looks like TikTok has finally understood how magical Twilight’s beloved characters and oh-so-important dialogue are. (How could they not?) Kristen Bell & Robert Pattinson brought Bella Swan & Edward Cullen to life. We’re forever grateful for their awkward eye contact & odd facial expressions.

To celebrate our favorite moody vampire Edward Cullen, we’ve decided to dive into the wonderful world of TikTok. Check out these iconic videos all about the beloved Twilight protagonist, Edward Cullen.


hE ChUcKLeD 😂😫😭 #foryoupage #foryou #twilight #viral #keepingbusy #quarantine #edwardcullen #boredathome #fyp #funny #teamedward

♬ original sound – Kaitlyn Kolesaire

“He chuckled.”

Stephanie Myers hasn’t always been praised for her writing skills. In the first Twilight book, Edward only had one reaction – chuckling. 😂 That’s right, moody Mr. Cullen chuckled his way through book one and we’re here for it.

Perhaps Robert Pattinson could’ve taken notes on the chuckling.


he acts so awkward i love him #fyp #robertpattinson #batman #viral #twilight #edwardcullen #xyzbca

♬ оригинальный звук – hannah

Robert Pattinson is a gift

Bonjour Robert, you funny man! How can one person be so adorable, but also cause so much concern? This awkward man provides some hilarious moments and we’re loving every minute of this montage. 


if i was Bella, inspo: @savcrayons #pov #fyp #twilight #greenscreen #greenscreenvideo #edwardcullen #bellaswan

♬ original sound – Jordan🌸✨

Kristen Stewart’s understudy

Some people on TikTok have all the talent, and this girl is making us crack up with her version of Twilight. The iconic classroom scene between Edward Cullen & Bella Swan is funny enough, but TikTok creator Jordan makes it 10x funnier.


what am i doing with my life #robertpattinson #edwardcullen #twilight #thedevilallthetime #tdalt #robert #pattinson #batman #harrypotter #draco

♬ origineel geluid – shittyflute

Robert Pattinson live wallpaper

This live wallpaper of Robert Pattinson is iconic. ✨ A photo capturing Pattinson’s awkwardness is trending, and TikTok has decided to make this meme immortal (much like Edward Cullen). You heard Robert – get off our phone!


FUNNIEST THING IVE SEEN ALL DAY #greenscreenvideo #twilight #thetwilightsaga #twilightrenaissance #edwardcullen #bellaswan #forkswashington #forks

♬ Eyes on Fire – Blue Foundation

Piracy, it’s a crime

You wouldn’t steal a handbag. You wouldn’t steal a car. Why steal Twilight? This rather inventive (and concerning) method of watching Twilight makes us wonder about the time & effort needed. Seriously, how long would it have taken to do this?

Bravo, this is true dedication. 


music choice inspired by @elijahmikaelson__ 🦋 @lexid2154 #twilight #twilightsaga #twilightedit #bellaswan #edwardcullen #teamvampire #fyp

♬ original sound – Kathryn Burress


What makes Bella & Edward scenes even more awkward? Funny face filters, of course. The subtitles, the zooms, the filters – this is what we call modern art, ladies & gentleman. Twilight should’ve been filmed like this throughout.


this is why i went to art school, wait till the end #fyp #robertpattinson #edwardcullen #bellaswan #twilight #british

♬ original sound – city

Hours of hard work? Worth it

Let’s remake Twilight, only this time, Robert Pattinson has to embody himself as this very image. Art school was totally worth it so we can witness a masterpiece. Edward Cullen, we salute you. 

(Also, can we just mention how creepy this whole scene was? What’s Bella’s hand doing?) 🤚


#twilight #twilightsaga #breakingdawn #edwardcullen #jacobblack #theoffice #stanley #bellaswan #renesmee

♬ Stanley – Sarah✨

Creepy imprinting

Boy, have you lost your mind? Werewolf Jacob Black imprinting on Edward & Bella’s newborn baby is the creepiest event to occur throughout the entire franchise. We wouldn’t be surprised if this exact exchange occurred between frenemies Edward & Jacob.


#robertpattinson #rpattz #edwardcullen #twilight #robpattinson #cedricdiggory #harrypotter #batman #fyp #cursedimages

♬ Hogwarts march X WAP – astrid

Pattinson photos that make sense

Image eight is our mood throughout 2020. Robert Pattinson remains a mood, and each of these iconic images capture what we’re feeling perfectly. Twihards would’ve had some superb scenes if only Edward Cullen was as emotive during Twilight


i love the twilight boys more than anything #fyp #twilight #twitok #edwardcullen #robertpattinson

♬ SexyBack – Justin Timberlake

Twilight cast

Admit it, the Twilight cast includes some saucy specimens. Edward Cullen is bae, but that doesn’t stop us from making moves on Carlisle Cullen. 😍 Finally, a good use of Justin Timberlake’s cringey pop single. 

Do you have any Twilight memes you love to rewatch? Let us know your favorite Edward Cullen moments in the comments. 

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