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That sound you hear is Robert Pattinson sobbing quietly because the 'Twilight' fandom has risen. Here's everything we know about 'Midnight Sun'.

Everything to know about ‘Twilight Midnight Sun’, Twihard or not

2020 is a weird year. From Australia burning to the COVID-19 pandemic to the fun new term of “murder hornets”, it’s just a disaster of a year. Now, we’re going back to 2008 because Twilight is back, baby! Stephenie Meyer announced her website, which has crashed hard, that the long-awaited Midnight Sun will be published on Aug. 4, 2020. 

That sound you hear is Robert Pattinson sobbing quietly because the Twilight fandom has risen. The road to Midnight Sun has been long and those enjoying the Twilight renaissance are celebrating today. 

What is Midnight Sun about?

Midnight Sun is Twilight from the point of view of angsty boi Edward Cullen. It fills in some of the gaps from Twilight like Edward going to Alaska and why he thought to watch Bella sleep was a good idea. This has been in the works for over a decade. There was a whole debacle over it. 


See, Stephenie Meyer was working on Midnight Sun in 2008. It got leaked. Well, the first 12 chapters were leaked. Meyer was pissed. She halted working on the manuscript, put what she had online, and said that she would only start working when everyone forgot about the debacle. 

It was something of the white whale of the Twilight fandom, which is enjoying a Renaissance. Basically, people are making memes, sharing headcanons, and generally having a good time. 

In 2015, Meyer wrote Life and Death. What is Life and Death you asked? It’s basically a gender swap AU of Twilight with Bella as Beau and Edward as Edythe. Man, Twilight has a very strange history. Anyway, with the release of Grey, which was 50 Shades told through the eyes of Christian Grey, Meyer decided to return to Midnight Sun.

Mainly because 50 Shades of Grey started life as Twilight fanfiction and with its own Midnight Sun being released, Meyer thought the moment was right. 

Midnight Sun release

Meyer’s website posted a countdown a couple days ago, which fans were checking religiously. When the countdown went to zero, it was announced that Midnight Sun would be available on Aug. 4, 2020. Oh boy, people who grew up during the Twilight era lost their minds. 

According to the Amazon page, Midnight Sun will give us 672 pages of Edward Cullen’s inner, angsty monologue. We are here for it. The cover is just a ruined pomegranate. Hades and Persephone symbolism? Adam and Eve’s story was said to be a pomegranate instead of an apple. 

Of course, the Twilight fandom had jokes. 

What the Twilight fandom thinks

@edwardsvolvo pointed out how we’re going to all head back to 2008 in 2020.

“your room in the beginning of 2020 vs. your room by may 2020” 

@say_shannon is asking the real questions about the Cullen fam.

“What I most hope from MIDNIGHT SUN is that we understand why the Cullens, who presumably could be doing anything they want, keep going to high school over and over again.”

@StepKickKing2 begins the prayer circle for Robert Pattinson, who probably has to deal with more Twilight questions with this book release. 

“Robert Pattinson right now after hearing they’re making another Twilight book #MidnightSun”

Of course, as @feistymexarican points out. We’re all hoping that he can do the audiobook. 

“Stephanie Meyer outside Robert Pattinson’s house trying to get him to do the audiobook for #MidnightSun”

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