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So Warner Bros., check out our pitch. Here are all the reasons we think K-Stew would make the most badass Batgirl in DC history.

It should come as no surprise that Hollywood loves novelization. Writers are changing the way they approach the development of a story.

A captivating actor with a wide range, Stewart also advocates for queer authenticity. To celebrate her birthday, we celebrate Stewart’s coolest roles.

Robert Pattinson's starred in amazing movies. From leftfield sex shockers to gritty wierdo crime capers, here’s our rundown of his most awesome roles.

We celebrate indie queen Kristen Stewart with a comprehensive list of her past & future off-camera projects.

Hear us out – while the Hollywood heavyweight has proved her acting chops in a number of indie projects since her twinkle-eyed Twilight days, we think Kristen could

It’s ya boy Robert Pattinson’s birthday on May 13 and to celebrate, we wanted to reunite him with Kristen Stewart. No, we’re not setting up a gazebo draped

Young people facing supernatural forces! It’s a classic story and one that we can’t seem to get enough of. Just this week for instance, Hulu has ordered a

It looks like Josh Schwartz is finally getting to work on his dream project after thirteen years, as Hulu has commissioned a limited series based on the bestselling