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A decade after its release, the 'Twilight' saga is a streaming phenomenon for the Z Generation. Is this a sign for actors from 'Twilight' to reunite?

Are these actors from ‘Twilight’ actually ready for a vampire reunion?

One of the actors from the Twilight series recently made headlines by teasing a possible cast reunion. In an interview with Entertainment Tonight, Taylor Lautner spoke with Matt Cohen on how the franchise is seeing a resurgence amongst the younger generation. This is partly due to the fact that the films were recently added to Netflix.

Lautner was one of the main actors from the Twilight movies, including Kristen Stewart & Robert Pattinson. Until lately, discussions of Twilight were generally reserved for fans who came to the films when they were originally released between 2008 & 2012. However, now that Twilight is a streaming phenomenon, Gen Z wants a piece of the action.

In the interview, Lautner said, “The past few years… it was just the TwiMoms stopping me in the street.” The twenty-nine-year-old actor continued, “It just kinda outgrew itself. I love the TwiMoms, but only recently has it resurged.” Could this mean a potential homecoming for the actors from Twilight? Read on to find out.

Twilight comes back 

While many trends from the turn of the 2010s may be considered “cheugy” by Gen Z, evidently the Twilight series has overcome that hurdle. Even teen idol Olivia Rodrigo took to her Instagram story recently to showcase her Breaking Dawn charm bracelet. This post alone probably sent Twilight’s newfound popularity through the roof. 

Surprised at the fact that Twilight is finding a new audience, Lautner said, “We have these young teenagers starting to watch it.” The actor who portrayed Jacob Black added, “It’s crazy to see it come back around.” While there are certainly plenty in the under twenty-five crowd who saw Twilight in theaters, many are seeing it for the first time.

The fact that Twilight is trending again leads some to speculate as to whether there may be a reboot or reunion. After all, there has been no shortage of Twilight content since the last film came out. In 2020, author Stephanie Meyer released the book Midnight Sun, which retells the events of the first book from the perspective of Edward Cullen.

While it would be hard to do a film adaptation of Midnight Sun, there’s still the possibility of bringing the actors from Twilight back together on screen. Other 2000s fantasy films have already cashed in on nostalgia. Perhaps Twilight could make their own version of Harry Potter 20th Anniversary: Return to Hogwarts.

Taylor Lautner’s new film

Even though Taylor Lautner was just as famous as Robert Pattinson or Kristen Stewart, he hasn’t had the same success or critical acclaim as they’ve had since Twilight ended. Both Pattinson & Stewart starred in indie gems throughout the 2010s, culminating with big films such as Spencer & The Batman recently. 

Compared to Stewart & Pattinson, Lautner’s acting output since Twilight seems pretty minuscule. He’s only appeared in four feature films since 2012, with his fifth, Home Team, set to come out on Netflix on January 28th. Lautner will star in the film alongside comedian Kevin James.

Home Team is based on the real-life story of NFL coach Sean Payton, who returned home to coach his son’s football team after being suspended for a year. James, who stars as Payton, praised Lautner’s professionalism. The Paul Blart: Mall Cop star said, “When you work in this business there’s a lot of people who aren’t as great as they should.”

James’ kind words continued, “Taylor’s literally up there with Jerry Stiller, Henry Winkler.” The King of Queens star added, “He is amazingly easy to work with. He can roll with everything… He’s the greatest. I’m thrilled to work with him on this one.” 

In a recent interview with Entertainment Tonight, Taylor Lautner discussed his new movie Home Team, as well as Twilight’s resurgence. Could there be a possible reunion for the actors from Twilight in the future? If any news breaks, we’ll have it here. What’s your favorite Twilight film? Let us know in the comments! 

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