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Along with the 2021 'Twilight' renaissance, came a plethora of hysterical memes about the teen vampire saga. Check out the best 'Twilight' memes!

“Bella, where have you been, loca?” All the best ‘Twilight’ memes

Did Twilight first release back in 2008? Yes. Are we still laughing at Twilight memes in 2021? Absolutely. The teen vampire saga may not have aged well as a serious piece of cinema but it definitely has aged into perfect meme-worthy material. Love it or hate it, the Twilight movies have some (accidentally) hilarious moments.

For your meme viewing pleasure, we’ve compiled some of the best Twilight memes to grace the internet. Go ahead and send these memes in your group chat to make all your friends both cringe & laugh.

We just can’t help it

It’s not our fault that Twilight refuses to leave our brains.

He tried

Honestly, he didn’t try that hard.



New Moon mayhem

So much could have been avoided if Edward just went back to Forks . . .

iCarly AND Twilight?

Nothing beats that meme duo.

Dank B.O.

We admit that if we were Bella, we definitely would’ve thought we’d forgotten deodorant.

The iconic line

Whenever this meme pops up, we wonder, “What were the writers thinking?”

Traumatizing vampire baby

This is on Hereditary levels of horror.

Oh no, he has AirPods in!

Literally twelve years have passed and this scene still stresses us out.

Aging with Twilight

Perhaps, we’ll never move on?

What are your favorite Twilight memes of all time? Let us know in the comments below!

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