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Harry Styles's new album has One Direction fans conspiring on musical collabs between members and a band reform. But, is this really happening?

Are these One Direction members going to reform?

Is there anything more touching than watching a movie from your childhood? Unlike pictures & objects, movies & music have the ability to wrap you up through your senses for a longer time. Yet, revisiting music you used to listen to, activates sensations, thoughts, and emotions from that moment of your life. Has One Direction passed the line from out fashioned to nostalgic already? 

It feels like several singers, (boy bands especially) as well as  T.V. shows for teenagers, always pass through a moment where they just seem cringy. However, natural teenage behavior is rejecting everything that looks childish, as Miley Cyrus did with Hannah Montana at the beginning of her adult career. Yet, everything that goes down comes back up eventually. 

Harry Styles’s new album Harry’s House has awakened all kinds of rumors, including a collaboration with Louis Tomlinson as well as One Direction’s reunion. After Zayn Malik abandoned the band in 2015, all members had started soloist careers decently. Yet, we can all agree Harry is the most successful, with a total of 121 nominations and forty-three wins for different awards. 

One Direction nostalgia

As was mentioned, all products & aesthetics from an era will eventually reboot someday but adapted to the present and probably with new senses & purposes. It’s like people watching the entire Twilight saga again, but this time ironically. Or the 2000s fashion slowly coming back, which is fine as long as the thin eyebrows stay back trapped in those years. 

Listening to One Direction songs definitely hits differently ten years later. The musical production sounds completely different from current hits. Also, all members have explored their styles on their own, which leads to more personal music. 

This makes fans think about how they would sound now if they ever create new music again under One Direction. Will members rejoin One Direction to feed nostalgia? Or will they surprise us all with something different from their romantic-teenager style? Yet, is it all conspiracy or are there actual clues of the group wanting to reboot the band?

Is One Direction reforming?

On July 23th, 2020, the band celebrated its ten-year anniversary with a nostalgic video, a web page, and emotional posts from the former band members. But will they do a ten-year-anniversary special performance? That remains to be seen, yet let’s keep in mind the pandemic has delayed festivals & concerts and all members must be still reactivating their soloist endeavors.

Undoubtedly, being part of One Direction marked all the members in a good way, even though they all entered the X factor with the intention of becoming soloists. All One Direction members but Zayn Malik had spoken favorably about the band. Harry Styles said to Rolling Stone that he remembers his time in One Direction happily and would undoubtedly rejoin the band someday. 

In 2020, Liam Payne affirmed the four members were planning a comeback through facetime, and even mentioned doubting the information he was allowed to share. “I can’t say too much, Louis told me off for revealing a bit about our plans the other day,” said Payne. 

Nevertheless, even though we ignore the band’s plans, at least we have the certainty they’re planning on something. But, will Zayn Malik be part of this?

What happened to Zayn Malik?

None of the interviews & comments from the former band members that mention rejoining the band include Zayn Malik, who left One Direction in 2015. After leaving the band, Zayn left a tweet to his fans thanking the band for the experience but confirming that it wasn’t his place anymore. 

Afterward, the resting members launched Made In The A.M. that same year and took an undefined break. On April 13th, 2020, the same year of their ten-year anniversary, the four One Direction members followed Zayn on Twitter again. Is this a truce or a comeback invite? We’ll know real soon. 

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