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YouTube lets us down again, as there's officially no One Direction reunion in our future. Let's rage with some hilarious One Direction memes!

Wait, is One Direction going on tour? These memes scream “YES”

One Direction fans were left bewildered today when a new video was uploaded onto the band’s YouTube page earlier this morning. Naturally, given the recent resurgence of The Jonas Brothers as well as Big Time Rush, many of us had assumed that this was no doubt the inevitable reunion announcement that we’d been dreaming of ever since the band’s split years ago. 

Sadly, this was not the case. The video in question was new music by singer and former The X Factor contestant Rebecca Ferguson, not the beloved boyband. The British reality television show propelled Ferguson to fame in 2010 when she reached the final alongside One Direction and that year’s winner, Matt Cardle. What a misfire, YouTube. Thanks a lot!

So, how do we rebel in anger? By looking at Twitter’s best One Direction memes, of course! Care to check some of the better One Direction memes with us? Let’s dive in. 

Time to reinstitute some restraining orders

The Big Time Rush reunion is no longer relevant. 

Rebecca Ferguson breaking hearts

So many depressed humans, today. 

The notification that stopped the world 

Besides, we’re pretty sure Harry Styles is STILL on vacation with Olivia Wide. 


Not even going to caption these One Direction memes . . . they speak for themselves. 

What’s happening? 

Based on all these memes these One Direction rumors are going everywhere, and not just in, well, one direction. 


We need Owen Wilson to react to these One Direction memes ASAP. 

Fandom lives

One like can change the world

“I’m not listening” 

It’s even harder when you never got to say goodbye. “18 month break” our @$$! 


These One Direction memes have us pouring drinks, too. 

Stages of grief

We’ve long accepted that they’re not coming back. 

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