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Where can I find the showtimes for ‘Crimes of the Future’?

Crimes of the Future is one of the most intriguing and bizarre horror films in recent memory. It marks a return to the genre for director David Cronenberg, who released a series of legendary horror films in the 1980s, including Scanners (1981), Videodrome (1983), and The Fly (1986).

It also marks the fifth collaboration between Cronenberg and Viggo Mortensen after such acclaimed dramas as A History of Violence (2005) and Eastern Promises (2007). While they may not be as famous as, say, Martin Scorsese and Leonardo DiCaprio, they do rank among the most artistic and consistently bold director-actor duos in recent memory.

Where can you watch Crimes of the Future? Is the mind-bending, body-contorting flick available on streaming or is it still in theaters? Let’s discuss.

What is Crimes of the Future about?

As was previously stated, Crimes of the Future is a throwback to Cronenberg’s earlier films. The Canadian director is best known for his exploration of the sub-genre known as “body horror”, which focuses on the ways that psychological hangups and social tensions manifest in physical form. His characters often undergo some deformity or bodily change that results in grotesque and often fascinating imagery.

Crimes of the Future is set in a world where human evolution has accelerated for some, and surgery is required to remove organs that seemingly serve no function. Mortensen plays Saul Tenser, a performance artist who captivates onlookers with his various surgeries. The more fame Tenser attains, however, the more mysterious organizations seek to benefit from his unique ability (deformity?). 

The film also stars Léa Seydoux, Kristen Stewart, and Scott Speedman. It underperformed at the box office but received mostly positive reviews from critics, who praised the performances of Mortensen and Seydoux in particular.

What are the showtimes for Crimes of the Future?

Crimes of the Future premiered at the 2022 Cannes Film Festival. It competed for the Palme d’Or and received a six-minute standing ovation, though it did not end up winning. It eventually got a wide release during the summer, first in France on May 25, then in Canada and the US on June 3. As was previously mentioned, however, the film did not perform well, and grossed only $4.6 million on a $27 million budget.

This is not altogether shocking, considering the graphic and often violent subject matter. Cronenberg has always pushed the boundaries in terms of taste, whether that means telling stories about murderous gynecologists in Dead Ringers (1988) or sex addicts who derive pleasure from car accidents in Crash (1996), so nobody was expecting Crimes of the Future to be a crowd pleaser.

Crimes of the Future did not have a long theatrical run, which means there are not many places where you can look up showtimes and/or buy a ticket. The smart move in 2023 is to track down a physical copy of the film on BluRay or seek it out on streaming. 

Where can I stream Crimes of the Future?

Crimes of the Future is available wherever you can rent and stream films. You can rent it on Amazon & Apple TV, and you can currently watch it on Hulu if you have a subscription. When it comes to free streaming we always recommend 123 Movies, due to the range of films and TV shows that are available in its catalog. 

That being said, free streaming platforms such as 123 movies can put your laptop or computer at risk for ads and viruses, so be cautious. As long as you know how to navigate these risks, then you will be able to check out this fascinating body horror film for free.

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