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Need something to listen to on a long drive? Put on your detective hat and sleuth your way through five of the best true crime podcasts out right now!

Solve a mystery with the best true crime podcasts

What do you get when you combine the gripping suspense of a whodunnit with the hard-hitting and sometimes downright sickening details of real-life murders? The best true crime podcasts, of course. There’s nothing better than staying up late at night with headphones on, listening to someone unravel a decades-old mystery while you try to piece together the clues in your head.

The only problem? There’s so much out there! That’s why we’ve decided to make things easier for you and rounded up our favorite dark, mysterious podcasts. 

From the infamous serial killers to the little-known murders, here are the best binge-worthy true crime podcasts that will leave your head spinning and your heart racing.

best podcasts crime

In The Dark

Hosted & narrated by investigative journalist Madeleine Baran, In the Dark follows cold cases and the reporters who refuse to give up on the stories. The first season follows the disappearance of Jacob Wetterling, an eleven-year-old boy who was the victim of a botched investigation that led to the institution of the sex offender registry. 

The highly lauded second season is a twenty-three-episode journey that delves into the case of Curtis Flowers, a black man who has been tried six times for the same crime and spent over twenty years in prison before he was released in 2019 when the Supreme Court overturned his conviction. 

In the Dark provides its listeners with an understanding of not only how the criminal justice system works, but how it doesn’t work for some people.

best podcasts crime


From murders in small towns to serial killers in major cities, from bizarre murders that defy explanation, to crime stories so unsettling they belong in a horror movie — Casefile covers it all.

Presented by an anonymous Australian host, Casefile takes in-depth reporting and combines it with the intimacy of raw storytelling to bring you true crime cases with all the drama & intrigue of a thriller. Each week, a different crime case is presented in a compelling documentary style with atmospheric sound design and an evocative score.

best podcasts crime

Dr. Death

You have been warned: Dr. Death is not for the faint of heart. Dr. Death, the true-crime podcast from the folks at Wondery, chronicles the tale of a Dallas-based neurosurgeon who butchered & maimed his way through dozens of patients before being shut down by the state medical board in Texas. 

Journalist Laura Beil takes us deep inside the investigation, uncovering what happened in the operating room that led to this dangerous doctor being able to operate at all. The case is every bit as twisted & ghastly as you’d expect from a podcast with this premise.

best podcasts crime

Unraveled: Long Island Serial Killer

Hosted by Alexis Linkletter & Billy Jensen, Unraveled: Long Island Serial Killer sheds new light on the frustratingly unsolved case of the infamous Long Island Serial Killer

Touted as one of the best rehashes of Long Island Serial Killer, each episode sees the co-hosts pour over new theories and dig through the many complex layers of this elusive murderer and his decades-long killing spree. Also known as the Craigslist Ripper, the Long Island Serial Killer is believed to have murdered nearly a dozen people over the course of twenty years.

best podcasts crime

The Dating Game Killer

A serial killer competing on a TV dating show. How’s that for an attention-grabber? From the same studio that produced Dirty John & Dr. Death comes The Dating Game Killer, an in-depth, six-episode investigation tackling the case of Rodney Alcala, a prolific serial rapist, & sadistic murderer.

In 1978, Alcala appeared on the ABC prime-time show The Dating Game and even managed to win the affections of a fellow bachelorette. A charming ladies’ man on paper, Alcala appeared to have it all, but lurking behind his attractive veneer was one of America’s most notorious serial killers. 

Hosted by Tracy Pattin & Stephen Lang, The Dating Game Killer goes into painstaking detail about Alcala’s grotesque crimes & complicated past. You won’t want to miss this one!

Do you agree with our lineup of the best true crime podcasts? Let us know which are your favorites down in the comments!

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