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What are the saddest cases of missing children in the US? Learn about some true tragedies of children that are still missing to this day.

Children are still missing: The saddest U.S. cases

While statistically, the world may not be quite as dangerous as some people make it out to be, that doesn’t mean there aren’t things we should be mindful of. No, there isn’t a pervert standing on every corner or block like a coffee shop but it’s also true that not everyone around us has the best of intentions. Fortunately, they may give off a sign such as a vibe that we can watch out for but not always, especially when we’re young. 

Children are naive which makes them particularly vulnerable. Some people having bad intentions love to target children since their nativity makes it easier for them to trick and carry out their menacing intentions. We may have “looks” of certain types of criminals but the fact is, criminals may also favor friendly people. We adults are in charge of society so it’s up to us to protect our children. 

When it comes to the issue of missing children, law enforcement has to do most of the work. But other people can and have done their parts to save children’s lives. Many children are found when people like us recognize a face and call helplines. Like any problem, however, awareness is always the first stop to the solutions. It’s important to stay up-to-date on missing children. 

Who knows 一 we could’ve found missing children in the past without even realizing it! As we all know, there are still kids missing throughout the United States but we’ve found some of the saddest U.S. cases. (Another crucial message here is that even when it comes to the children who it’s too late for, educating ourselves on these cases will help us not repeat history.)

Adji Desir

Adji Desir was six years old when he was playing outside his grandmother’s Immokalee, Florida home when he disappeared on January 10, 2009. He was playing with the other kids and went inside to eat dinner. After dinner, he came outside to play again. His grandmother would occasionally check on him. But fifteen minutes after she saw the boy from the window, she noticed Adji was gone. 

What Adji’s folks are most concerned about is the boy having cognitive developmental problems. Adji might’ve been six but he had the mind of a two year old. He easily got frightened and would always hide. The sight of strangers really scared the boy, leading the family to suspect he was hiding from the strangers. 

Adji Desir remains missing to this day but his family has not lost hope. 

Lisa Irwin

Lisa wasn’t even a year old when she disappeared from her Kansas, Missouri home on October 4, 2011. Lisa’s mother Deborah Bradley tucked her in bed one night. Then the mother left for a few drinks. Lisa’s father, Jeremy, got home from work at 3:00 a.m and immediately noticed his daughter was not in her crib. 

It was speculated that Deborah had too much to drink and blacked-out. A few cell phones were also missing. Given the circumstance, Deborah was a suspect. But she keeps her innocence as she and Jeremy are still hoping to be reunited with Lisa, alive. 

Sabrina Aisenburg

Sabrina Aisenburg is perhaps the youngest victim of missing children cases in the U.S. She was just four months old when she disappeared from her Valrico, Florida home. Aisenburg was taken from her crib on November 23, 1997. Her mother put her down to sleep, certainly having no idea that was the last time she’d see her daughter. 

Marlene told authorities that her baby was still there at midnight, sleeping. But when she checked on her daughter again at 7:00 a.m., Sabrina was gone. Nobody heard nor saw anything. And there were no signs of forced entry. 

It’s been over twenty years, and there are still no leads on this case. 

Sarah Kinslow

Sarah Kinslow was fourteen years old when she was found missing in Greenville, Texas. She was dropped off at Greenville Middle School. Her friends say that they and Sarah were planning to ditch school that day but they didn’t go through with their plans since they did not see Sarah either. 

Soon, folks found out that Sarah was dating an eighteen year old man who was arrested a week after Sarah vanished and was charged with sexual assault with a minor. He told police he and Sarah discussed eloping but he was also very clear that they were never serious about it. 

Sarah didn’t take her purse or any set of clothes before she vanished. Some police believed Kinslow ran away on her own. But even today, nobody knows for sure what happened to her.

There are more missing children out there so be sure to tell us about any cases you may have heard of! 

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