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Dancers have been appearing outside of Brooklyn’s Metropolitan Detention Center which could be related to NXIVM. Here's what we know.

What’s the story behind the NYC NXIVM dancers?

Dancers have been appearing outside of Brooklyn’s Metropolitan Detention Center every evening as of late. While the group isn’t explicitly admitting to being related to the NXIVM cult, it seems likely since many of the people who started this dance movement are members.

Of course, even more damning is the fact Keith Raniere, the leader of sex cult NXIVM, is being held in Brooklyn’s MDC while he awaits sentencing. But the group appears to be somewhat disingenuous about their intents

What they’re saying

The dancers are saying their movement and nightly demonstrations are to make sure those inside the MDC know “they are not forgotten”.

They’ve also named the group We Are As You – which, yes, is a little hard to decipher on the first read through, but ultimately sounds like a statement of solidarity.

The movement appears to have gained people not familiar with the NXIVM cult. Though not much is known about them there are various reasons for joining in on the dancing if you’re unaware of who is creating the dance parties. The MDC has been hit with a number of scandals in the past, or people who have family members in the MDC may also find this movement worthwhile.

The dancing may be for Keith Raniere

Most people are assuming the nightly dancing is a show for Keith Raniere. The original dancers included at least six NXIVM cult members leading the group. Despite Raniere’s arrest and Mack’s exit from the cult, the group still exists and is currently being run by some of Raneire’s most trusted members.

A number of the participants have also been holding signs in tribute to someone named Kay Rose. Saying things such as, “We miss you Kay Rose”. Upon further research, people have discovered there is nobody by the name Kay Rose being held in Brooklyn’s Metropolitan Detention Center.

Since Kay Rose and Keith Raniere have the same initials many people assume the signs are a tribute to the cult leader.

A brief hiatus & a reworn dress

Michele Hatchette, an NXIVM member, posted to Instagram earlier this week with a sign saying “back on Friday”. Apparently the group of dancers are taking a break before returning to their nightly demonstrations outside the detention center.

Those who have carefully studied the NXIVM cult spotted the fact Hatchette’s dress looked incredibly similar to one Allison Mack once wore during an event honoring Keith Raniere. This could perhaps be a tribute or message to Raniere.

Raniere has been moved

Raniere has been moved from his cell and taken to a new one. Keith Raniere’s new cell is where he can no longer witness the dancers every night. Not much else is known about his new cell location, which is probably intentional. If his followers caught wind then they may attempt to move their dancing to a new location where he could see them.


Admitting their affiliation

NXIVM has recently come forward admitting their We Are As You movement is, in fact, related to Keith Raniere and their group. This comes after denying any such connection for some time.

Luckily, now that the cult is being more transparent about what they had been calling an activism movement, hopefully, people can better decide for themselves whether they want to support this movement & the people helming it.

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  • The fact that this woman was my boss is nauseating all of her cult tactics were put to use at the restaurant she “managed” total nut case looking to recruit lost women into her sex cult.

    August 29, 2020

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