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Today in true crime, let's take a look at the tragic carjacking of an UberEats driver by two teen girls. Learn everything you need to know about his murder.

True crime: A carjacking turned violent leaves a father of three dead

We don’t like to talk about when kids kill in the world of true crime. It’s horrifying, in fact, to even think about children killing someone. But there are cases all over the true crime community about killer kids. We’ve heard the story of teenager Brenda Ann Spencer, who shot at an elementary school from her home because she “hates Mondays” or Lee Boyd Malvo, the co-conspirator in the DC sniper attacks. 

Recently, however, there’s been a tragic case in Washington DC where two teenage girls murdered an UberEats driver, Mohammad Anwar. Why did these two teenagers, who legally couldn’t drive, want to carjack Anwar? What’s next in this tragic case that left a hardworking father of three dead? Here’s what you need to know about this latest true crime instance of killer kids.

What happened?

Mohammad Anwar, 66, works as a driver for UberEats. As an immigrant from Pakistan, Anwar immigrated to America in 2014 in order to “build a better life for himself and his family,” according to his family. Police said that at 4:30 pm, the girls, ages 13 & 15, got into the car after Anwar made deliveries around the Navy Yard Metro area. He drove with the girls, who were wielding stun guns, a short distance to National Park.

Witnesses, surveillance video, and cell phone video showed Anwar’s dark Honda pull over as he argued with the two carjackers. A struggle proceeded to ensue between the teenagers and the man. Anwar was forced out of the car while the 15-year-old took his place in the driver’s seat. He tried to reenter the car. Before he could get all the way in, however, the 13-year-old turned on the ignition & manipulated the gear shift.

The car accelerated down the block with Anwar hanging out of the driver’s side of the car. It struck a curb and overturned, landing the passenger side up. Anwar suffered from broken bones and a head injury after being ejected from the car, which contributed to his death. The teens, whose names have been withheld from the public, have been charged with felony murder & armed carjacking. Their next court date is March 31.

Why did this happen? 

The Washington Post put some context in this true crime. Anwar’s case, while tragic, shows the clear pattern of a rising epidemic of carjackings in the DC area. According to the outlet, 46 carjackings have occurred in the District since the start of 2021. In 2020, there were 345 carjackings in the area, which was up 143 percent from 2019. Juvenile offenders have been a particular concern.

In the same article from WaPo, they said that 23 young offenders ranging in ages from 12 to 17 have been arrested on carjacking charges. In surrounding counties like Prince George & Montgomery, carjackings by juvenile offenders are also on the rise as well. No one wants to be carjacked, of course, but younger offenders though it adds another level of difficulty because they don’t really know how to drive. 

What happens next for Mohammad Anwar’s family? 

Anwar’s family had put together a GoFundMe page in order to pay for his funeral expenses, wanting him to have a “traditional Islamic funeral”. The page passed its $100,000 USD goal. Admittedly, this was a big blow to them as he was the primary breadwinner for his family. His wife and two of his children are in the states, but one child and his four grandchildren are in Pakistan. They counted on him working.

On the page, they wrote, “Anwar was a beloved husband, father, grandfather, uncle, and friend who always provided a smile when you needed one. He leaves behind a family, near and far, who cherish, love, and miss him dearly. Words can not describe how our family is feeling currently.”

Uber also released a statement saying that they were “devastated by this tragic news”. 

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