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Reddit is one of the best places to find crazy conspiracy theories. Here are some of the Jeffrey Epstein theories reddit has to offer.

Jeffrey Epstein conspiracies: The craziest Reddit theories

The Jeffrey Epstein case has been fraught with conspiracy theories – each new one more outrageous & far-fetched than the last. But when a high-profile sex offender dies in mysterious circumstances in a high-security prison, it’s bound to draw every conspiracy theorist out of their off-grid, mountain dwellings. 

The website Reddit has some of the most fertile ground for producing conspiracy theories and community members have certainly taken time to mull over the Epstein case. Obviously, many are certain that Epstein never committed suicide and that his death was merely a cover up, orchestrated by powerful individuals. Here are some of the darker & more bizarre theories, straight from the internet’s version of your crazy uncle. 

Child sacrifices & pagan gods

The first theory posits that Jeffrey Epstein was a Satanist. The source for this claim comes from the images of Epstein’s private Caribbean island, Little St. James where one can see a blue & white structure that looks eerily like an ancient temple. 

Conspiracy theories have run wild since people saw the temple on Epstein’s island. Some have noticed the bird statues on the temple roof and claimed that they represent the owl deity Moloch, an ancient god of the Canaanite religion, whose satanic desire is for child sacrifices. 

Others have said that the bird statues look more like the half-women, half-bird creatures of ancient Greece known as harpies. Also because the blue & white stripes of the building’s exterior are similar to the Greek flag, people believe the temple is an homage to ancient Greece. It’s believed that Epstein used the temple to bring his underage victims as sex with minors was common in ancient Greek culture. 

Israeli spies & blackmail lies 

The next theory that has been expounded upon is that Epstein & Ghislaine Maxwell were acting as Israeli spies with the mission to use underage girls to blackmail politicians for information. The origin of this theory is from the book of former Israeli spy Ari Ben-Menashe titled Epstein: Dead Men Tell No Tales

The theory has Epstein being recruited to a faction of the Israeli Intelligence Community known as Mossad by Robert Maxwell, Ghislaine Maxwell’s father. Epstein & Maxwell supposedly met earlier than their reported first acquaintance in the early 1990s when Ghislaine was also brought into Mossad by her father. 

The claims made by Menashe remain unsubstantiated and even Menashe’s claims that he was that he worked for Mossad himself are unverified. Reportedly, Israel has denied that Menashe had anything to do with their intelligence service but then other news reports have stated that he was working on behalf of Israel. 

Death by coronavirus 

The final theory involving Epstein has to do with his former associate & one-time girlfriend Ghislaine Maxwell. Maxwell was recently arrested in July for her involvement in Epstein’s sex-trafficking scandal. Maxwell has been accused of procuring underage girls for Epstein & his associates

Since Epstein died in suspicious circumstances, theories have been floating around that Maxwell might meet the same fate as Epstein. During her indictment, we saw that precautions were being taken as far as any suicide attempts as Maxwell was forced to even wear paper clothes so she would have no tools to take her own life. 

Reddit theories have posited that Ghislaine will be killed just like Epstein was but now with the coronavirus in full swing, the “deep state” will pawn off her murder as a fatal case of the virus. People are prepared for future news articles to state that Maxwell is in the ICU, having contracted the virus, and many are absolutely certain that those who want Maxwell gone will capitalize on the “convenience” of a corona-related death. 

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  • Robert Maxwell was a known agent of Mossad and Ari Ben-Menashe is a known arms dealer that worked directly with Maxwell’s associate to sell arms to Iran during the Iran-Contra affair.

    This isn’t a conspiracy, or a theory, these are just facts

    July 24, 2020

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