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Hundreds of Reddit users in 2020 are hopping on board with the theory that Ghislaine Maxwell is indeed maxwellhill. Here's what we know.

Did Ghislaine Maxwell run one of the biggest Reddit accounts?

Ghislaine Maxwell, infamous sex-trafficker alongside the infamous Jeffrey Epstein, has been arrested and is now standing trial. More details about Ghislaine Maxwell are being unearthed as her trail ensues – such as, she’s married, apparently. We can’t wait to hear more about what she spills and what her sentence will be. 

Outside of court, more people are connecting the dots, discovering more of Maxwell’s many secrets as well. Recently, for example, there’s serious speculation that Maxwell was a huge figure on Reddit. A very powerful & influential Reddit user who goes under maxwellhill could very likely have been operated by Maxwell herself. 

Maxwellhill was the first user to hit a million karma (karma is Reddit’s point system tracking posts & comments.) Despite maxwellhill’s absence that started after Ghislaine Maxwell was arrested (suspicious), this user is currently the eighth highest in karma today. Posts about the world news from maxwellhill make up thirty percent of what was there.  

The evidence that has been accumulating is impressive, and hundreds of Reddit users are hopping on board with the theory that Ghislaine Maxwell is indeed maxwellhill on Reddit. Here’s the most convincing evidence we’ve found so far that Maxwell works under the guise of this very powerful Redditer. 

Explained absences

Maxwellhill posted nearly every day on Reddit for fourteen years. However, the few absences that maxwellhill did stop posting lined up perfectly with the date of Maxwell’s mother’s death, the Kleiner Perkins Party, & her TerraMar project speech. 

Not to mention, of course, maxwellhill has fallen silent since July 2 which is the date that Maxwell was arrest for her sex trafficking charges. Why would maxwellhill go silent unless directly prevented from doing so? 

Child pornography & age of consent

It has been pointed out that maxwellhill has made posts advocating for legalization of child porn and other exploitation material. Moreover, maxwellhill has consistently gone around correcting people on Reddit about age of consent. Maxwellhill has also openly griped about child protection laws.

Despite Jeffery Epstein’s raging popularity in the news about his sextrafficking of minors, maxwellhill has refrained from posting anything about him. As one of the most powerful Reddit news posters, why would maxwellhill dance around this subject unless directly connected to it? 

Ocean posts

Maxwellhill’s posts continue to align with Ghislaine Maxwell’s known interests. In fact, Maxwell was the founder of the environmental nonprofit organization called TerraMar Projects which particularly focused on ocean protection. 

On Reddit maxwellhill was the moderator of the subreddit r/environment and r/enviroaction. There are pages and pages on these subreddits discussing ocean protection – likely hundreds of posts dedicated to the subject of oceans.  

Reddit handle

Users first connected maxwellhill to Ghislaine Maxwell because of Maxwell’s surname matching the username – that’s a glaringly obvious connection. But some have also noticed that the “hill” part may be in reference to her family home in Oxford, England which was called Headington Hill Hall.

Winter birthday

Maxwellhill has mentioned in comments that they have a December birthday that takes place between the 21st and the 31st. Once again aligning with this statement, Maxwell was born on December 25. A coincidence? We think not. 

British origin

People have come out in opposition to the theory that maxwellhill is indeed Ghislaine Maxwell, claiming that maxwellhill is a Malaysian man. However one comment from maxwellhill references Malaysia as a country she visited “several years ago” – why would someone from Malaysia say that? 

There’s also evidence tha maxwellhill is British (just like Maxwell), once saying that their favorite word was “Bollocks” and once even referenced an old British commercial. Not to mention, other posts hint that maxwellhill was actually a woman.

Reddit corruption

Accusations have come forward indicating that maxwellhill has stood as a problematic moderator desperate to hold onto their popularity. For example: many believe that maxwellhill had autodeleted mentions and that even if you block maxwellhill’s posts  you’ll still see them. 

Do you think maxwellhill is actually Ghislaine Maxwell? Let us know what you think in the comments.

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