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Did the pilots of Jeffrey Epstein's private planes know about the activities happening on the secretive private island?

Did Jeffrey Epstein’s pilots know about his “Pedo Island” activities?

The investigation against Jeffrey Epstein’s estate continues in the U.S. Virgin Islands after the Attorney General issued a subpoena for the flight logs of all Epstein’s aircrafts. Now, anyone who has flown with Jeffrey Epstein to his island, whether it be on one of his helicopters, planes, or the infamous Lolita Express, will be revealed.

As the controversy builds around the extended flight logs, many are wondering if this will indict the pilots who worked for Epstein. While these pilots are also named in the flight logs, they play a much larger role as the ones who transported Epstein, his guests, and alleged victims around the world.

Back in 2019, Epstein’s pilots were subpoenaed for the federal investigation against Epstein, but the case was dismissed after Epstein’s death in August 2019. While the Virgin Islands has not issued a subpoena against the pilots in their investigation yet, many are expecting the pilots to use their knowledge and assist with the investigation. 

The question remains, though: how much did the pilots actually know about what was going down on Jeffrey Epstein’s island? Pilot David Rodgers has released a statement informing the public he knew nothing but is cooperating with authorities. Fellow Epstein pilot Larry Visoski admitted he knew of minors flying on the plane but never saw anything sexual occurring between them and Epstein.

Who were Epstein’s pilots?

Over the years, Jeffrey Epstein has had numerous pilots on his payroll, flying his planes & helicopters to & from his island. Epstein and his alleged accomplice, Ghislaine Maxwell, were even trained on how to pilot a helicopter. But the main three pilots people focus on when discussing Epstein’s pilots are Rodgers, Visoski, and Nadia Marcinkova.

Both Rodgers & Visoski worked for Epstein for nearly two decades. You’ve most likely heard Rodgers’s name before as he was the one to release his own flight log back in 2009. His shortlist included Naomi Campbell, Prince Andrew, Glen Dubin, Bill Clinton, and Kevin Spacey, among others.

Neither pilot claims they say anything nefarious occurred between the girls they flew and Epstein. Rodgers outright denied knowing anything, and Visoski acknowledged he saw the girls get on the plane and nothing else. Both pilots had apartments in Epstein’s infamous Manhattan high-rise, however. 

Nadia Marcinkova is a special case. Unlike Rodgers and Visoski, she was allegedly a victim of Epstein’s before becoming an alleged accomplice. One of Epstein’s other victims claims Marcinkova was bought by Epstein when she was 15, and he called Marcinkova his “Yugoslavian sex slave”.

How did Marcinkova allegedly become an accomplice?

For years, Nadia Marcinkova traveled the world as Epstein’s sex slave, as other victims claim Marcinkova was a frequent flying on the Lolita Express. Court documents had claimed Marcinkova to be “loyal” to Epstein, though, as she visited him over ninety times when he was in prison in 2009. 

New photos from Little St. James, Jeffrey Epstein’s island, also showed Epstein and Marcinkova getting close and being affectionate to each other. While her lawyers have denied it, court documents claim Marcinkova was in a romantic relationship with Epstein, and that’s when Marcinkova became an accomplice.

Similar to Ghislaine Maxwell, Marcinkova helped groom and recruit women to fulfill Epstein’s sexual needs. Over the years, Marcinkova got her pilot’s & real estate license. On her social media pages, Marcinkova posted photos piloting with Visoski & Rodgers. 

Marcinkova also remained a prominent figure on the Lolita Express flight logs, and many conspiracy theorists believe her name will appear all over the complete Epstein flight logs.

Why Marcinkova matters

If Marcinkova was a victim of Epstein’s before becoming his pilot, many believe this is the proof prosecutors need to prove Rodgers & Visoski lied about not knowing anything. The three were the main pilots for Epstein and spent a lot of time together based off of Marcinkova’s social media posts. 

The only way the pilots would be prosecuted for their role in Epstein’s sex trafficking ring is if they were subpoenaed into the current investigation. The U.S. Virgin Islands have yet to subpoena any of the pilots for their case against Jeffrey Epstein, so we’ll have to continue to watch the situation and see what happens.

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