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How does 'The Bad Batch' compare to 'Star Wars: The Clone Wars'? Better? Worse? Let’s jump to lightspeed and find out!

Is ‘The Bad Batch’ really as good as ‘Star Wars’: The Clone Wars’?

Star Wars: The Bad Batch tells the story of a post-Empire Star Wars through the perspective of Clone Force 99, aka the Bad Batch. This ragtag group of misfit clones was first introduced in season 7 of Star Wars: The Clone Wars, leaving fans hungry for more. 

Fans immediately took to these clone troopers’ unique personalities, skill sets, and storylines, so they were excited to learn more about them in their own spinoff series on Disney+. In the series, Echo, Tech, Hunter, Wrecker, and Crosshair meet new & familiar characters alike as they continue their many mini adventures through the galaxy.

But how does it compare to Star Wars: The Clone Wars? Better? Worse? Let’s jump to lightspeed and find out! 

Bad Batch vs. Clone Wars

Some would say The Bad Batch & Clone Wars are on equal footing. Like its predecessor, Bad Batch delivers engaging storylines and character arcs. Fans follow former Arc Trooper Echo’s storyline as he begins his own adventure in the wake of being rescued from the Techno Union. More than that, though, it elaborates on familiar Star Wars concepts like how the current clone troopers are faring in the Imperial regime.

Others would say that Bad Batch doesn’t measure up. Accusations of whitewashing have plagued the show since its premiere on May 4th, 2021, and fans & critics alike have argued there’s a noticeable difference in the skin tone of the clones, further arguing for an update in upcoming episodes. 

The main characters have also faced accusations of being one-note and lacking in complexity. They don’t just live up to their names – they embody them in what some argue is an attempt to forgo actual character building.

However, some fans argue Bad Batch is better than Clone Wars. Overall, these fans claim, the plot of Clone Wars was simple. The Jedi and clone troopers were good, while the Separatists and Sith warriors were bad. 

Because Star Wars: The Bad Batch follows the aftermath, those fans argue that there’s a depth to the fights that Clone Wars lacked. The Galactic Empire is bad, but they employ the same clone troopers that fought for the Republic, for instance. 

Too Different to Compare

However, many would argue that this comparison makes no sense – these shows are two completely different stories that serve a different purpose in the Star Wars timeline

Star Wars: The Clone Wars follows the story of how the war between the Republic & Separatists led to the rise of The Galactic Empire. Star Wars: The Bad Batch uses a revolving door of surprise characters to connect the Bad Batch to the rising rebel movement in a post-Clone Wars galaxy. 

Either way, the newest Star Wars series has huge shoes to fill. Clone Wars renewed the interests of fans that had been disappointed in the prequel trilogy. It then used its seven seasons to expand on what went wrong for the Jedi, clones, and Galactic Empire. 

In a similar vein, Star Wars: The Bad Batch elaborates on the creation of the rebel movement. It takes the familiar landscape presented by Clone Wars and explains how it transforms over time.

The Future of Clones (Spoilers)

The newest episode brings in familiar faces while also continuing the theme of seeing the Bad Batch interact with different members of the not-yet-official rebel movement. 

It also re-introduces a familiar element: a freethinking clone in the form of Captain Howzer. He questions orders, practices compassion, and shows doubt. Unlike his post-Order 66 teammates, he’s somehow able to avoid blindly following orders from his superiors.

Going forward?

We know there’s currently an effort to phase the troopers out for “volunteering” civilians, but the role that Captain Howzer plays in this has yet to be determined. Clone Wars laid the groundwork for fans understanding the complexity of the role played by clone troopers, but Bad Batch elaborates on a more individual level. 

This continuation on a familiar theme in a new landscape is essential to The Bad Batch. The conclusion of which may determine, once and for all, if it really is as good as Clone Wars.

Are you all caught up on The Bad Batch? Do you think it’s better than Clone Wars? Let us know in the comments below!

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