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'Tom and Jerry' is premiering this weekend and will be available on 123movies. Take a look at the best ways to stream this fun movie on the website.

Character designers are key members when it comes to animation, film, and gaming design. Check out what they do and how they do it.

'Low Down Larry Conquers the Moon Men' is a new film by director Sammy Verni. Learn about the filmmaker and the short here.

The PRIX ROYAL Animation Awards is one of the most prestigious awards an animator could win. Learn about the ceremony here!

Prove your undying adoration for the glorious characters of Studio Ghibli by taking our Ghibli character trivia quiz.

Jiamin Wu is an artist and filmmaker who recently put out the short 'Suit Up!'. Learn more about Wu and her new release here.

You gotta take your wins in whatever shape they come, especially after a year like 2020. Here are memes celebrating the end of 'Caillou'.

Pixar's 'Soul' has been met with high praise from critics & fans alike. Did you know about the alternative ending? Watch it now.

Despite being treated as the most creative & soul-searching film of the Pixar lineup, 'Soul' failed to impress the audience. Here's why.