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George Churkin has had a dream for graphic design since he was a schoolboy. How did he become an Environmental Metaverse founder?

George Churkin: From Graphic Designer to Environmental Metaverse Founder

Children are our future. And with the environmental issues we are currently facing, and will continue to face, their understanding of the issue is vital to the world’s eternity. George Churkin not only recognizes this, but is determined to educate children, and help make our world greener, and safer. This in mind, coupled with his passion and work experience in 3D modeling and 2D animation, George started a new animated educational series – SeedsKids

George has had a dream for graphic design since he was a schoolboy, watching Toy Story for the first time. As soon as the movie ended, he ran to the store to buy a book on working in the 3ds max program. Studying the book every night, George created his first animation as a young boy – an animation exploring a castle and finding themself in various situations. George fell in love with how you can educate children through cartoons. From that moment on, his career path was set for him.

Unfortunately, his parents had other thoughts for him. Wanting him to become an economist, he didn’t have a drawing background to support him in getting into school for 3D modeling and animation. Despite this, George was determined to follow his passion. He studied hard for two years to prepare for the exam and was accepted to Ural Academy of Architecture and Art. While completing his education, George not only excelled in all of his classes, but also took on commercial work outside of class and helped his colleagues complete their graduation projects. 

After graduating, George’s dream of becoming a graphic designer immediately came true and his graphic design career took off. He worked for a large company developing 3D videos and 3D virtual reality before starting his own company with his wife – Fortit Ltd., George helps companies find their corporate identity through developing logos, creating websites and 3D animation. His work expands far beyond his home in Russia to Germany, Australia, Turkey, the US and more. Most notably, George began working on a 3D feature film with Trivver Company, located in the US. An ambitious project that George is excited to take on, knowing that the outcome can lead to winning multiple animation awards, and possibly even an Oscar. 

Through it all, George’s education, experience and education has led him to his passion project: SeedsKids – an animated series with educational content for kids ages six through nine. Created with parents in mind, it’s certain to not only appeal to kids, but also to their parents. All with one goal in mind: instill a respect for nature and for each other in kids.

George is aware of the environmental issues at hand: species of animals & plants becoming extinct, minerals and other vital resources declining, deforestation, polluted oceans & air, a depleted ozone layer and more. While all of this is known, George also realized how little educational content there is for kids. Having a seven year old himself, George not only knows what educational content they’re missing, but what type of content would appeal to them.

Through a three year TV series, with over 156 episodes in total, SeedsKids will educate kids on actions and activities they can do in their day-to-day lives that are environmentally focused. Additionally, utilizing George’s graphic design background to not only make the graphics for the TV show, SeedsKids will also create a metaverse with environmental-focused content for children.

On his way to disrupt the animation industry, part of the series will actually use the metaverse in its filming of the show. The metaverse will contain courses with tasks to be completed daily, educational toys & board games, cooking videos (for kids to learn how to cook healthy, environmentally friendly and global cuisines), branded products, an AR app for indoor landscaping, and much more. George’s vision will create an entire world for kids to immerse themselves in that will teach them how to live environmentally conscious in this one.

SeedsKids is well on its way to success in Russia. Already having a fully developed logo, pilot 2D series, characters, 3D models and a script, SeedsKids has received positive feedback from educational experts and celebrities in Russia. After receiving this success, George’s plan is to take SeedsKids global. With this global brand, SeedsKids TV, games and merchandise will be available to kids of all ages on every continent. George is aware that environmental issues vary by country and range from polluted water or air to forest fires. SeedsKids is designed to adapt to each country it’s aired in, sharing how children can solve the main environmental problem of their country.

While SeedsKids takes place in the metaverse, its impact can immediately be seen in this world, with a fund dedicated to planting trees to assist in reforestation. George’s dream of educating kids on global issues is set to change the world. With his vision and education, George Churkin will make a positive impact on the environment and the education of kids: our future. 

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