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Some of the most well-known and beloved animated characters of all time have worn glasses. Here are the top 12.

The Top 12 Animated Characters with Sunglasses of All Time

Some of the most well-known and beloved animated characters of all time have worn glasses – from Doc in Snow White and the Seven Dwarves (a movie that’s not almost one-hundred years old) to Mirabel Madrigal – Disney’s first bespectacled main character. 

For kids, especially those who wear glasses, seeing a range of characters – and not just those that are geeks or villains –  from their favorite shows can be a very positive experience.

Doc – Snow White and the Seven Dwarves (1937)

He may have one of the quieter personalities among his companions, but the bespectacled Doc is actually the leader of the company. He wears a tunic, brown trousers, and a hat, and his small-lensed round glasses support his calm, wise nature – relative to the rest of the troupe, in any case!

Velma Dinkley – Scooby Doo, Where Are You? (1969)

Wearing either her trademark spectacles or prescription sunglasses in the summer, Velma is portrayed as a super-brain with an interest in science and various niche academic subjects. She’s known for her distinctive garments: an orange turtleneck sweater, pleated skirt, knee socks, and Mary-Jane shoes worn with a pair of thick-lensed glasses to correct her severe myopia.

Ernest Penfold – Danger Mouse (1981)

He may not have been the star of this animated series, but cute hamster Penfold was loved by audiences for his long-suffering patience and work behind the scenes that helped his friend Danger Mouse to triumph. Penfold wears a blue suit, black and yellow striped tie, and large round glasses in every episode – denoting just how seriously he took the business of crime fighting.

Inspector Gadget – Inspector Gadget (1982)

Everyone loved this bumbling animated detective from the series of the same name, which was widely watched by kids (and parents!) in the 1980s. Inspector Gadget’s mission was to defeat Dr. Claw and frustrate the nefarious ambitions of the shadowy MAD organization. One of the inspector’s best-loved gadgets was his spy goggles, which incorporated an array of wacky tools to help him to victory. Go, Go, Gadget!

Chuckie – Rugrats (1991)

Two-year-old Chuckie from Rugrats is best pals with Phil, Lil, and Tommy, and together they love having adventures. His friends often get him into trouble, but his courage and loyalty mean that this bespectacled little dude usually navigates everyone back to safe waters every episode.

Johnny Bravo – Johnny Bravo (1997)

If you grew up in the 1990s, you’d be aware of Johnny Bravo, a popular animated character who starred in his own animated series towards the end of the decade. Johnny was a square-jawed, muscular guy whose looks really were only skin-deep: he wasn’t known for his contemplativeness and deep conversations. Johnny was never seen without slicked-back hair, a black t-shirt, and cool oval-shaped black sunglasses.

Daria – Daria (1997)

Originally a character from the adult cartoon series Beavis and Butthead, Daria got her own show in 1997. Known for her downplayed charm, sarcasm, and deadpan wit, Daria doesn’t exactly follow the teenage crowd: her favorite pastime is studying classic literature, for example. Daria’s round, vintage-vibe glasses perfectly suit her retro style.

SpongeBob – SpongeBob SquarePants (1999)

SpongeBob SquarePants was the star of the cartoon series of the same name, which was a must-watch show (for adults and kids alike) in the late 1990s. Bob lives in his underwater home with Gary, his pet snail, and works at the Krusty Krab as a fry cook. He’s not always seen wearing his square, thick-rimmed black spectacles but does tend to sport them when enjoying a spot of jelly fishing at Bikini Bottom with his best pal, Patrick.

Peter Griffin – Family Guy (1999)

A very much adults-only animated series that screened its first episode in the late nineties, Family Guy focuses on the misadventures of the Griffin family. Peter, the dad, wears green trousers, a white shirt, and simple round-framed glasses – the latter of which are frequently broken during the course of an episode. 

Edna Mone – The Incredibles (2004)

Half-Japanese, half-German, and all attitude, Edna Mone is a famous fashion designer known for the garments she creates for superheroes. She wears a severe pair of round black glasses, a knee-length suit, and hair that appears to have been cut with a precision razor. The character pops up again in the sequel to this Disney hit from 2004.

Tiny Diamond – Trolls World Tour (2016)

The character Tiny Diamond became so popular after the original Trolls movies that he’s starred in several sequels and spin-off shows, including Trolls World Tour, released in 2016. Entirely covered in silver glitter and wearing extra-large square black-framed glasses, Tiny is small but mighty when it comes to style.

Mirabel Madrigal – Encanto (2022)

And last on our list: Mirabel was Disney’s first main character to sport spectacles – and as such, was welcomed with open arms by young audiences, many of whom wear glasses themselves. In the movie, Mirabel is the only member of the Madrigal family who doesn’t possess magical powers and is on a journey to discover her purpose and place within the community – and the wider world. Her oversized, green-framed round glasses are the perfect complement to her vibrant, unique personality.

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