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Britney Spears news: Was her conservatorship planned?

We all remember seeing the shocking news of Britney Spears back in 2008 and fearing for her safety. She was losing control right in front of our eyes and there didn’t seem to be any end in sight. By the time her father was being named her conservator, many of us took a breath of relief believing she’d be alright.

What seemed to be the light at the end of the tunnel, though, turned out to be the beginning of a nightmare. Spears spent thirteen years fighting for her independence. She finally won it when her fans took to the ground and started the #FreeBritney movement in support.

It all seemed to happen so fast and seemed to come out of nowhere . . . or did it? The newly emancipated pop star seems to think otherwise. Considering how much money she made in the years of being in her father’s care, there might be actual flames behind the smoke of her accusations.

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Losing control

It’s not uncommon for celebrities Amanda Bynes or Mariah Carey to go off the hinges in the public eye. The life of glamor glitters, but it’s not always gold being turned into an image instead of a person. Celebs have taken to social media to show people the kind of intense pressure that can make them go a little mad.

Back then, however, people didn’t have this understanding. When Britney Spears started acting out, neither the news nor the people had much sympathy for her. She was the weirdo shaving her head or the country bumpkin walking into gas stations with no shoes on.

Then it got more serious. The pop superstar was driving a car with one-year-old son Sean in her lap. She was giving a lackadaisical performance of “Gimme More” at the MTV Music Awards. We were watching this legendary performer spiral before our eyes, and something needed to be done.

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The show continues

Looking back, it was apparent Britney Spears was being taken advantage of within her conservatorship. For us, the news showed her doing better after taking up a residency in Las Vegas. For her, she was being worked by the same father telling her she couldn’t make her own decisions.

Let’s get this straight. According to her father, she was responsible enough to show up for rehearsals, manage her performances, and make appearances. Yet, she couldn’t be trusted to start a family, hang out with friends, or make her own financial decisions. How does that make sense?

It’s even more outrageous when one considers the sordid details Spears later shared. The thirty-nine-year-old alleged that she’d been forced to wear an IUD to prevent pregnancies. This is only one example of the horrific type of control she faced under her father’s so-called “care.”

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There’s also an even bigger conversation to be had about the rights of disabled people. This country is no stranger to hindering the lives of people it deems weak. This isn’t news for people like Britney Spears, but it shocks the general public. From physical limitations to mental health issues, disabled people are – in so many ways – prevented from living a full life.

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Rich man

In fact, a disabled person can lose their state benefits just by getting married. They also can’t make more than $1,350 per month, $2,260 if they’re blind. When recipients only receive $800 to $3,011 per month, this means most are barely able to live independently depending on their state.

Britney Spears has always earned money, but the news neglected for a long time to specify who was really benefiting from her hard work. While she was working her shiny butt off, her father was raking in $16,000 for being her conservator. This is in addition to skimming off the top of her tour/residency earnings.

While it doesn’t confirm that he plotted to get his daughter under his care, it shows what he won while she was losing. Spears was in a crisis and needed help. However, she didn’t need someone to take advantage of her while she was vulnerable and it looks like that’s exactly what he did.

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Family vs family

Britney Spears has since escaped her father’s alleged care and the news has shown her living her life for her. On June 9th, she married her hunky boyfriend Sam Asghari. She even released a soulful rendition of “Hold Me Closer” with iconic artist Elton John.

Spears has been using her newfound freedom to live her life and call out the injustices she’s faced. She recently shared theories that her conservatorship was planned all along. Citing cryptic messages from her mother during a sleepover, she fears her own family was conspiring against her.

We’ll never know the full truth and maybe she won’t either. Regardless, Spears has been removed from the shackles of her family’s toxic love and her awkwardly cute TikTok videos are proof. Only time will tell if this ugly truth will be revealed or buried under tomorrow’s scandal.

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