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Are you curious about what the cast of 'Snowfall' has been up to? Get the latest updates before season 5 drops on FX.

Dying for more ‘Snowfall’? Here’s where to find the cast before season 5

FX’s crime drama Snowfall has been renewed for a fifth season. While the fourth season is currently airing on FX, it will be over in just a few short weeks. So, needless to say, we need to find a way to get more of the excellent cast of Snowfall into our lives. For those who don’t know what the series is about, we’ll try to go into the simplified version of the series.

Basically, Snowfall follows the intersecting lives of people at the start of the 80s crack epidemic in LA. We follow drug dealer Franklin Saint (Damson Idris), CIA operative Teddy McDonald (Carter Hudson), Mexican luchador/cartel enforcer Gustavo “El Oso” Zapata (Sergio Peris-Mencheta), and Lucía Villanueva (Emily Rios). Of course, there’s more to it then that, but we want to watch Snowfall and its stellar cast in action.

Like we said, Snowfall season 4 is currently airing. We’re certain that the season finale for the current season of Snowfall will leave us immediately wanting more of the series. 

Damson Idris

One of the leads in Snowfall, Idris consistently gives a strong performance as Franklin Saint. We, honestly, would not be surprised if this led to more casting in bigger roles in the future. Of course, due to COVID, we haven’t had the chance to see this happen. You can see this cast member from Snowfall in a couple of different projects while waiting for season 5 to happen.

Idris appears in the 2019 episode of The Twilight Zone “Replay”, which follows a mother (Sanaa Lathan) who uses her camcorder to rewind time in order to avoid a racist state trooper and get her son to college safely. He also appears in the Black Mirror episode “Smithereens”, where he plays an intern of a social media company that gets kidnapped by his rideshare driver (Andrew Scott). 

If you’re not interested in television, then Idris also had a movie released as well. He starred opposite Anthony Mackie in Outside the Wire

Sergio Peris-Mencheta

Peris-Mecheta has become better known to American audiences due to his stellar work in Snowfall. Though, amongst the excellent cast of the series, he has a pretty stellar and distinguished work. He’s a well-regarded theatre actor and has consistently worked as an actor for decades. There’s definitely a decent dearth of things to watch that feature Peris-Mencheta if you love El Oso. 

Peris-Mencheta appears in the Italian/Spanish autobiographical film The Borgia, Resident Evil: Afterlife, Love Ranch, Life Itself, and Rambo: Last Blood. These are, of course, just some of the films that Peris-Mencheta have been in over the years. But he has really had a very storied career, and is definitely worth diving into his IMDb page in order to learn more about it. 

Carter Hudson

In Snowfall, Hudson plays undercover CIA operative Teddy McDonald, who helps push the drugs in LA in order to get drug dealers. Of course, however, things are always a lot more complicated (and sinister) than they appear on the surface. Hudson does a great job in the role of Teddy McDonald as well. Naturally, you’ll want to keep an eye out for his other projects.

Hudson has roles in the Amazon series The Wilds, but honestly? That’s pretty much his other big role. He’s had some roles in shorts such as Bear + Stella and the upcoming one The Therapist. But that’s pretty much where we go with Hudson’s roles outside of Snowfall. 

Emily Rios

For the first two seasons of Snowfall, Rios played Lucía Villanueva, a daughter of a Mexican crime boss. Rios exited the series following season 2, but she was a key player for those first two seasons. Like many of Snowfall’s cast, she shines in the series, but has participated in other projects for you to check out. 

Rios’ past work includes films like Love Ranch, Pete Smalls Is Dead, Paint It Black, and If Beale Street Could Talk. Her television works, outside of Snowfall, include Men of Certain Age, Breaking Bad, From Dusk till Dawn, and The Bridge. So if you loved her in the series, then Rios has a lot of things to dive into. 

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