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As 'Narcos: Mexico' ends after three seasons on Netflix, be sure to check out these TV shows with a similar vibe.

Does anyone care the TV show ‘Narcos: Mexico’ is ending?

Narcos fans are probably ecstatic that Wagner Moura is again a part of the spinoff series Narcos: Mexico. However, Moura won’t be involved in the TV show on-screen. Instead, the actor who portrayed notorious drug lord Pablo Escobar has come back to the franchise to direct two important episodes. Moura’s directorial work is now available to view on Netflix.

The third & final season of Narcos: Mexico recently dropped on the streaming service. The sequel to Narcos stars Diego Luna as Mexican kingpin Félix Gallardo. Additionally, the spinoff features Michael Peña as a DEA agent attempting to stop Gallardo’s reign. Narcos: Mexico showrunner Carlo Bernard seemed more than happy to bring Moura in to direct.

Bernard said that Moura brought an “aesthetic throughout in a way that is really cool but also fits with the other episodes.” Some Narcos fans may be mourning the fact that the franchise is seemingly concluded. If that’s the case, then don’t fear. Netflix has plenty of other bingeable TV shows for you to enjoy.

Breaking Bad franchise

If you are looking for a TV show similar to Narcos to watch, then look no further than Breaking Bad. This AMC original influenced Narcos in many ways, yet is unique in its own right. Instead of a rags to riches story like Pablo Escobar, we get to see the fall of suburbanite schoolteacher Walter White in Breaking Bad

Much like Narcos, once Walter breaks bad in this TV show, he must deal with the pressures of supplying drug cartels & evading the DEA. Walter White (Bryan Cranston) is as much of a complicated character as Pablo Escobar or Félix Gallardo. While White commits heinous crimes, he does it for the sake of his family. All five riveting seasons are available to stream on Netflix.

Like many great TV shows, Breaking Bad has an expanded universe. Netflix features the spinoff series Better Call Saul, which chronicles the rise of Walter’s lawyer Saul Goodman (Bob Odenkirk). Before he becomes Saul, we see attorney Jimmy McGill struggling to make ends meet. Much like White, McGill turns to his dark side in order to find success in a cutthroat world.

There’s also the Netflix original film El Camino, which picks up Jesse Pinkman’s (Aaron Paul) storyline at the end of Breaking Bad. In the film, Jesse attempts to cope with the sins of his past while forming a new life for himself. El Camino is directed by series creator Vince Gilligan. With all the Breaking Bad content on Netflix, you’ll forget about Narcos ending.


With season four dropping on January 21st, 2022, now’s the perfect time to binge-watch the Netflix original TV show Ozark. This series features Jason Bateman in a role like you’ve never seen him in before. The Arrested Development star portrays Chicagoan financial advisor Martin Byrde. While this may sound like a normal character for Bateman, there is a major twist.

Martin Byrde moves his family from the city to the Ozarks of Missouri. In this isolated community, Byrde & his business partner begin to launder money. Their client is the Mexican drug cartel. As Byrde gets deeper into his new job, he finds that it might be hard for him to get out of it alive. Ozark also stars Laura Linney, Sofia Hublitz, and Skylar Gaertner. 

Even though Narcos: Mexico is finished, there are plenty of other great drug & crime related TV shows to watch on Netflix. Breaking Bad & Ozark only scratch the surface of all the complicated characters available in streaming series. What do you think of Narcos: Mexico coming to a close? Let us know in the comment section!

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