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Here are the 'Shadowhunters' episodes to feast on and obsess over your fave cast members now the show is available on the Freeform app with no sign-in.

‘Shadowhunters’ streams free on Freeform: Check out your favorite cast

Freeform has listened to the will of the people, and Shadowhunters is now available for free with no sign-in required. Now if we can just keep them in our thrall, maybe they’ll #SaveShadowhunters before the year is out.

This means 55 episodes from all three seasons are available for streaming on the Freeform app, and viewers can see the best show about vampires and demonic possession and warlocks to come out in years. Considering how cluttered the early-aughts television landscape was with supernatural shows, that’s saying something.

While we know what we’re doing for the rest of the week, it does seem a little ironic that Freeform is finally giving fans the ability to stream the show they unjustly canceled, despite the dedicated fan base and its popularity. We guess that means that Pretty Little Liars spinoff ain’t doing so well. Here (in no particular order) are the Shadowhunters episodes we encourage you feast your little mundane eyes on.

S1E7: “Major Arcana”

In the course of 45 minutes, Simon experiences every stage of grief and terror about becoming a vampire, Clary inches ever closer to retrieving the Mortal Cup and Jace gets a Clary slap! This episode has it all: filled with drama and hijinks, representing everything we love about Shadowhunters

S1E10: “This World Inverted”

The search for Valentine leads Clary to an alternate reality where the threat of demons no longer exists, while Isabelle and Alec have to handle the repercussions of a Downworlder attack. 

This World Inverted gives us Shadowfam a sneak peak at what life could be like for Clary and co. if Demons, Warlocks and Vampires (oh my!) didn’t exist, and if her mom and dad were normal parents rather than caught up in a supernatural war. 

Valentine is a Steve Job-esque tech genius, Izzy is a Star Wars t-shirt-wearing, Simon-kissing Alpha nerd, Magnus sports a cardigan for warlock’s sake. Alec, meanwhile, is an out and assertive young gay man and Jace is a barista who cries at the sight of a demon.

We’re totally fundraising to make a spinoff in this universe: it’s basically Halt and Catch Fire meets well, Shadowhunters. This episode gives us stans some much needed comedy after a drama-laden early first season.

S1E12: “Malec”

Iconic is the only way to describe this episode. A warlock and Shadowhunter share a kiss, causing everyone to freak out and a ship to set sail.

“Malec” gave us the birth of Malec, and we are all the better for it.

During the rest of the episode, relationships are examined as preparations are made for the wedding of Lydia and Alec. Clary, Jace, and Magnus are also busy in their search for the warlock Ragnor Fell, who may possess an antidote to awaken Jocelyn.

S2E10: “By the Light of Dawn”

The New York Institute is attacked as Valentine’s plan for the Soul Sword grows close to fruition. As a result, the Shadowhunters have to race to save their loved ones and the rest of the Downworld, while some of the Downworlders target Clary in their plan to stop Valentine.

S2E18: “Awake, Arise, or Be Forever Fallen”

After a devastating attack at the Institute, everyone’s on high alert as the Shadowhunters close in on their hunt for Jonathan. Simon and Maia also help a new Downworlder as the Seelie Queen demands an answer from Magnus and Luke.

S2E20: “Beside Still Water”

Jace and Clary rush to make a final stand, but when a traitor is revealed, they may have a bigger fight on their hands than expected. Meanwhile, Alec and Izzy must fight off a large mass of demons that have unexpectedly shown up, as demons are wont to do.

S3E2: “The Powers That Be”

The Warlocks’ magic becomes corrupted by a demonic presence. As if that isn’t enough to deal with, Izzy and Luke attempt to track down more information on a recent series of possessions.

S3E10: “Erchomai”

The team scrambles to find a way to put a stop to Lilith’s plan and Simon makes a heartbreaking choice, with Isabelle’s help. As for Magnus, he reconnects with a powerful person from his past.

S3E21: “Alliance”

Clary comes up with a plan to bring Shadowhunters and Downworlders together, as Alec struggles for a way to help Magnus.

S3E21: “All Good Things…”

Jonathan starts his reign of vengeful terror and the Shadowhunters try to find a way to stop him. Clary is forced to make a sacrifice that could have long-lasting implications for all, and wedding bells are in the air for one special couple.

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