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Let’s take a look at some of Alec’s best moments from 'Shadowhunters' S3B. (Be prepared for numerous brooding stares from Matthew Daddario.)

Matthew Daddario: The best from Alec Lightwood in ‘Shadowhunters’ S3B

When we’re first introduced to Alec Lightwood (Matthew Daddario), he’s clearly not the life of the party. The gorgeous Shadowhunter is a stickler for Clave hierarchy, their rules, and abiding by ‘em. Even though the rules are important to Alec, when push comes to shove his family trumps them every time.

If Alec’s family is in danger, he makes sure to help in any way he can – including going against the Clave. Alec blossoms in the three seasons we had the pleasure of viewing. And when Magnus Bane (Harry Shum Jr.) waltzes into Alec’s life, everything changes for the young Shadowhunter. 

Malec is one of the most important parts of Shadowhunters. It provides representation for the LGBTQ+ community, a romance which many can relate to.

Let’s take a look at some of Alec’s best moments from Shadowhunters S3B. (Be prepared for numerous brooding stares.)

S3E11 “Lost Souls”

The mid-season premiere kicks off with drama in true Shadowhunters fashion. Alec, Jace (Dominic Sherwood), and Izzy (Emeraude Toubia) are back to their old ways and chasing downworlders through the streets of New York.

Alec’s best moment from this episode is simple yet extremely adorable in true Malec fashion. The first look at Malec in S3B is when Magnus attempts to apply eyeliner. Alec peers from over Magnus’s shoulder at his masterpiece. What makes this one of Alec’s best moments is what comes next.

Magnus goes on to question how people can even apply eyeliner in the first place. Alec replies, “I don’t know why you think you need it. You’re beautiful the way you are.” ‘Nuf said – Malec = relationship goals! We also get to see Alec being paternal with Madzie, and it’s just a whole lot of heart eyes. 

S3E12 “Original Sin”

Any true member of the Shadowfam will recall this scene for its pure-fire hotness: the iconic Malec training scene! 

Alec goes into Shadowhunter mode and attempts to train Magnus. Little does Alec know, Magnus is no stranger to combat whatsoever. Wrestling lives up to its sexy reputation as Magnus & Alec make exercise look enjoyable. 

Magnus enjoys every moment watching Alec try to keep up with his warlock swiftness. The scene wraps up with a heavy makeout session and rather hasty exit. Unfortunately, the camera does not follow what happens next – we’re sure your imagination does the rest, naughty Shadowfan.

S3E12 “Original Sin”

This episode just keeps on giving. Alec supports Magnus in adjusting to life without his magic; Magnus is not entirely happy with his situation, and Alec is the caring boyfriend making sure the warlock slows down.

Then comes a treasured Malec heart-to-heart. Cue the tissues! Alec pulls Magnus to the side of a very busy street and entreats him to live in the now. Then he hits us with the line that breaks everyone’s heart: “I’m staring into the eyes of the man that I love.” 

Alec in S3 is living his best life with his soulmate, a huge change from the pent-up Alec we knew in S1.

S3E13 “Beati Bellicosi”

Alec is not only a devoted partner, but also an amazing brother to his sister Isabelle. Izzy struggles with an addiction to yin fen (vampire venom). In this episode, Izzy realizes her cravings are back, and Magnus tells Alec.

Alec, being the awesome big brother he is, tries his hardest to help support Izzy in any way he can. However, Izzy finds out Magnus told Alec and calls Magnus out on the street. But meanwhile, Izzy confesses she doesn’t want Alec to see her as weak.

What makes this one of Alec Lightwood’s best moments is his reply. “I wish I was half as strong as you on your weakest day.” Alec and Izzy’s enviable sibling relationship is on full display as he gives her the motivation & support any big brother should. 

S3E14 “A Kiss from a Rose”

Lorenzo Rey (Javier Muñoz) gives Magnus his powers back – but at a price: he has to give away his killer Brooklyn apartment. Alec doesn’t stand for this, and confronts Lorenzo in the apartment he took from Magnus. Lorenzo walks in smugly until Alec makes his presence known. A heated discussion ensues. 

In true Alec fashion, he offers to make a deal in exchange for Magnus’s apartment. Lorenzo refuses – but that doesn’t stop Alec from making sure he doesn’t enjoy this power trip. Alec offers a warning to Lorenzo: when Rey slips up, Alec will be there. We love a protective boyfriend!

S3E16 “Stay With Me”

“Stay With Me” starts off with pure fanservice Malec: a seemingly perfect morning during which Alec cooks for Magnus and offers a dance. Romance definitely isn’t dead for this couple.

Malec then carry out an impressive dance improvisation, which is of course the cutest thing ever. But it turns out this perfect moment is actually a fantasy; we’re awoken from the dream with Magnus having collapsed. Way to play with our emotions!

S3E20 “City of Glass”

Malec stan? Prepare for even more tears. Alec makes a deal with Magnus’s dad Asmodeus to return the magic Magnus has lost, and Malec parts ways in order for Magnus to be reunited with his magic. 

The truth is revealed, and Malec reunite (briefly) towards the end of this episode. All is not joyful, but rather short-lived. Magnus knows what he must do in order to save those he loves. Before sacrificing himself to close a rift and traveling to Edom, Magnus has some choice parting words for Alec: he proposes! Seeing the look on Alec’s face when he accepts is pricelessly beautiful.

The wonderful moment turns sour as Magnus leaves to save everyone, and poor Alec’s face goes from happy to heartbroken.

Alec Lightwood’s development from S1 to S3 is truly amazing: he grows from strength to strength as a friend, brother, son, and husband. Hopefully the three season of Shadowhunters aren’t the last of Alec – he might just have even more great moments to come.

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