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The weekend is coming. We’ve gathered some of the greatest original series on Hulu for you to binge next, so grab some popcorn & candy, and get to watching!

Already binged ‘The Handmaid’s Tale’? Binge these original series on Hulu

How does a weekend of sitting on your bed or couch, binge-watching a story about life in the dystopia of Gilead, totalitarian society that was here, in the United States sound? See, Gilead was ruled by a fundamentalist regime that deemed women property of the state. Basically, they were treated like crap. Plus, the country faced environmental disasters with a rapidly dropping birth rate. Yikes

The instant success of The Handmaid’s Tale helped establish the streaming platform’s reputation, but it’s far from the only show on Hulu. Not in the mood for chilling sci-fi? Top original series on Hulu include some of the most binge-worthy shows out there. Enjoy your favorite snacks while you engage in some fantastic stories. 

With a genre for everybody, it’s hard not to make it a part of your weekend or vacation plans. We’ve gathered some of the greatest original series on Hulu for you to binge next, so grab some popcorn & candy, and get to watching!

The Act

The Act tells a true story that took place over the course of twenty-four years, in one season with only eight episodes! 

The show follows the story of Gypsy Rose Blanchard, a young woman who lived with her mother, Dee Dee, in a small Missouri town. One day, police found Dee Dee murdered in their home, and her daughter Gypsy nowhere to be found. 

In the midst of investigating the whereabouts of a young woman suffering from alleged brain damage, cancer, among other major health problems, investigators unveil shocking family secrets. Was Gypsy Rose Blanchard really forced to compose an outrageous & heinous plan as a victim of circumstance? Binge this original series on Hulu and find out! 


Composed of two seasons with seventeen episodes, written & directed by Maya Erskine and Anna Konkle, this cringe-worthy coming-of-age comedy follows two preteens heading for the seventh grade.

Erskine & Konkle are also the stars, and here’s the twist: both actresses are in their thirties, playing middle-school-aged characters with actual thirteen-year olds. Just think about what that does to a comedy about those awkward firsts and embarrassing pubescent troubles to new heights!

Clearly, the show is meant to humor you, but they cover some real-life, relatable issues that don’t always make it to the screens.

Catch 22

George Clooney, Kyle Chandler, and Christopher Abbott star in this re-telling of Joseph Heller’s classic novel. Yossarian (Abbott) is a young recruit in the U.S. Air Force bombardier in World War Two.

The military increased the number of missions required before one’s service can be deemed complete. Yossarian wants to avoid serving in combat. He’s forced to face a very sadistic colonel while fighting for his life on the frontline. 


Shrill is based on the bestselling book by Lindy West. Annie (Aidy Bryant) is a young writer living on the West Coast. She struggles with her body image, a failing journalism career, and a family health crisis. 

You’ll see her run a toxic relationship with her sometimes-hookup, confront an abusive manager, and take on internet rolls, all while she learns how to love her body size. 

Perhaps we’re just used to seeing Bryant on SNL, but her performance is golden here. Since there’s not a lot of slapstick comedy, SNL fans may be used to it because Bryant’s character is quiet. Her new style serves the story better. It’s very refreshing!

Taste The Nation With Padma Lakshmi

Top Chef host Padma Lakshmi packs up her culinary talents like luggage as she travels across the country. She learns all about indigenous & immigrant communities while she taste tests their hunger-satisfying masterpieces. 

Making things more powerful, she tears down barriers and disrupts the status quo. Plus, the food featured on this original Hulu show is just amazing. Learn all about the noteworthy snacks you could have on your next binge-watch days!

There are way more original series on Hulu, so don’t limit yourself. Did we miss your favorite? Let us know in the comments!

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