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Save 'Anne with an E' fans are still fighting for their show. Here's why the young adult period drama is so important to them, in their own words.

Save ‘Anne With an E’: The fans speak, pt. 3

Fans of Anne with an E are emphatic that the show deserves further seasons. The critically acclaimed series stands out among dramas geared towards young adults, with its wholesome backdrop and thought-provoking messages. Anne with E fans believe the show is worth saving. When Film Daily asked fans to tell us why saving the show was important, they stepped up in a big way. 

Our series on fans love of Anne with an E continues, as we post your moving thoughts on the show and what it means to you. Part 1 and part 2 of your thoughts on your show can be found here and here. Keep reading to hear more from the Anne with an E fandom!

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