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Just for fun: Here are the most unlikely ‘Sanditon’ season 2 couples

We’ve come up with some of the strangest, but still oddly shippable, couples we definitely won’t see happen in season 2 of 'Sanditon'.

Just for fun: Here are the most unlikely ‘Sanditon’ season 2 couples

Last week we covered all kinds of concerns we had about Sanditon, such as at the loose ends we’re dying to see resolved, and a few instances of what we imagine might happen next. So, today we’re having a little bit more fun. Instead of worrying about everyone’s happily ever afters, we decided to come up with some strange endings of our own.

Inspired by the fandom term “rare pair” – meaning a couple someone ships which very few people have ever considered – we’ve come up with some of the strangest, but still oddly shippable, couples we definitely won’t see happen in season 2 of Sanditon. However, they’re fun to think about nonetheless. If anyone writes a fanfic based on one of these ideas please send them to us.

Clara and Edward

Sir Edward Denham is an easily detestable character. He manipulated his own step-sister for years both emotionally and mentally. He then proceeded to burn Lady Denham’s will and play cat & mouse with Clara – ultimately making deals with her regarding the family fortune, all while Lady Denham was on her deathbed.

Edward is by no means a likable character, however we can’t help but wonder if Clara is a good match for him. Clara is strong-willed, capable of standing up for herself, and secretly just as cunning & manipulative as Edward is. He wouldn’t be able to take advantage of her. Instead the two would likely have a very passionate love/hate relationship.

Need we provide any further evidence than the very steamy scene where they have sex in Lady Denham’s living room after successfully coming to an agreement on how to steal her fortune when she “inevitably” dies? They both see life as a game to win and they seem to be the most formidable opponents for one another.

Arthur and Mr. Crowe

Hear us out. We have a sneaking suspicion Arthur Parker may prefer men to women – hence why he told his sister he isn’t going anywhere and that he’s never really understood women. To us this seemed to imply he doesn’t understand the appeal of women. Obviously he’s able to get along with his sister just fine. Sadly, in the period which Arthur Parker exists, admitting his truth any further would not lead to good outcomes.

In the show, Mr. Crowe is a bit lazy and rather uninterested in taking part in society’s customs – such as having a job, getting married, having kids. Could it be because he has more of an interest in men too, perhaps? We know he’s talked about women, but it could just be for show. (A deleted scene from Sanditon’s twitter shows Crowe having a flirt with Clara, but it technically isn’t canon since they cut it.)

We think Arthur’s whims and Mr. Crowe’s whims would potentially be rather compatible. Both have a penchant for lazing around & drinking and/or eating in excess, but they both also enjoy having a bit of excitement now and then. Quietly drinking at home and then sometimes going to a party seems like exactly what both characters would call a perfect life.

Young Stringer and Charlotte

This might not necessarily be a rare pair, but it certainly isn’t a pairing many people entertain with Sidney Parker on the scene. Sidney has already stolen Charlotte’s heart – we know this. But it is interesting to imagine what Stringer and Charlotte would be like as a couple if the story had gone a different way.

If Sidney really was a jerk (he isn’t), and really did hate Charlotte (he most certainly doesn’t), then it’s possible Charlotte may have fallen in love with Young Stringer, the first eligible bachelor she met in the town of Sanditon.

Young Stringer is kind, thoughtful, stands up for the men he works with, smart, and ambitious – all things we think Charlotte can admire. Stringer began to have a crush on Charlotte from the very first moment they met – he was charmed by how smart and outspoken she is. The two could have easily gotten together, especially without the difficult class difference Charlotte and Sidney must overcome.

Stringer also hasn’t ever insulted or offended Charlotte, nor has he ever dismissed her or underestimated her. Instead he immediately recognized Charlotte’s cleverness and astute observation skills for the attributes they are. We don’t mind imagining how adorable Stringer and Charlotte could have been together if the writers had different intentions.

Young Stringer and Georgiana

Alternatively for Stringer, there’s the ship we mentioned in a previous article – Georgiana Lambe and Young Stringer. Georgiana needs someone who she can trust and she won’t feel controlled by. Young Stringer wants someone smart and independent (as evidenced by his crush on Charlotte), thus we think Stringer and Georgiana could potentially get along swimmingly.

He wouldn’t ever try to take advantage of her large fortune, but she would very likely want to support his ambitions as an architect & would be more than capable of turning emotional support into financial support.

We also know Georgiana has a distaste for England, and especially Sanditon, so moving to London with Stringer for his work wouldn’t bother her much. In fact, after he’s officially an architect they would likely have the ability to choose to go anywhere in the world – everywhere needs buildings. Sadly they haven’t had much of any interaction as of yet.

These are the unusual pairings we sometimes like to imagine happening in Sanditon just for the fun of it. Do you have any rare pairs from the show? Are any of these on the list? Let us know in the comments below or on Twitter by sharing the article with the #SaveSanditon hashtag.

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  • I think Stringer and Charlotte are much more a Jane Austen coupling in the end and Sydney can re find his love with his first love. The writing can totally go that way.
    I really don’t see Sydney with Charlotte he’s a Wanderer he has no home and he needs a Eliza. remember Charlotte made a lot of mistakes when she meddled including almost getting her friend sold into a slavery marriage. she was too busy playing cricket and trying to impress everybody than she was concerned about her friend gor whom she arranged a rendezvous with a scheming man. I still find it strange that the London trip was the turning point in Sydney realizing he loved her because she was an idiot in that scenario

    June 30, 2020
  • Sydney marries Charlotte, Eliza transfers her affections to Arthur ($$ stays in the Parker family), Young Stringer and Georgiana, Crow and Clara. Edward remains the spinster (male for once!) caretaker of Mrs. D.

    June 30, 2020
  • Arthur Parker and Georgiana.

    June 30, 2020
  • Georgiana and Arthur
    A marriage between Arthur and Georgiana would be the answer to all the Parker Brothers financial problems. Geogiana’s fortune at 100,000 pounds a year, is greater than all of the others, including Lady Denham`s. (Notice how she pushes Edward to woo her.) Tom`s debt is said to be 80,000 pounds.
    I see Arthur`s statement made to his sister in order to allay her fears about his leaving her (for Georgiana) to navigate life alone, not as a admittance of homosexuality but rather as further evidence of this timidity around women and his natural distrust of them, born of his witnessing at a young age, Sydney’s betrayal by Eliza. ( N.B. He is the one who expresses this warning to Sydney about trusting her again).
    He is the only one to defend her at Lady Denham’s dinner, he leaves the beach to rescue her to bring her down for the regatta, she is his preferred dance partner at the summer ball…notice how she kisses his hand when he takes a seat after his overexertion. ( His sister certainly has noticed the attraction).
    Geogiana `s kissing of his hand shows a `softening ` of her attitude towards him. I believe that he would make a respectful and loving partner to her not wishing to `own` her as her black slave mother was owned by her slave owner white father.

    June 30, 2020
  • Leave all as is ”
    Just bring the show back and let us decide if Charlotte has a chance of love with Sydney or has an equally rewarding love with another, BUT she must end of HAPPY with someone ! That is what she truly deserves ,!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    July 3, 2020
  • Definitely won’t we watching it to see if any of these come true. Feel the writer let Jane Austen down in the ending and has turned this from what could have been another great book by the illustrious author into nothing more than a TV serial drama, very disappointed

    July 4, 2020

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