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After a long fight 'Sanditon' fans are getting hopeful. New information is making us wonder if season 2 is right around the corner.

Casting calls and new deals: Could ‘Sanditon’ season 2 really happen?

Okay Sanditon fans, if you’re like us you’ve heard a rumbling in the Sanditon Sisterhood that’s likely gotten you more than a little excited and perhaps even a little confused – the two are not mutually exclusive.

There are a lot of rumors floating about right now and a few scraps of information. Fans of Sanditon are certainly industrious and have discovered clues that we honestly have to admit we’d never have found on our own.

So, what has the Sisterhood in a tizzy? What could it mean for the future of a season 2? Here’s the rundown on what’s been getting everyone (cautiously) optimistic.

Filming locations

The first exciting bit of web sleuthing uncovered a registration on the UK Government Companies House website. The site has a 2018 listing for an office space that was related to Red Planet Productions – the company that produced season one of Sanditon. However, recently there’s been a new listing added to the site for the same office space with the current date of January 2021.

The real kicker that had fans catching their breath is the fact the new listing says “Red Planet (Sanditon 2) Limited”. For reference the original listing simply said “Red Planet (Sanditon) Limited”.

Casting call

What’s more is that shortly after this intriguing office space discovery came something potentially even more promising. The UK Casting News site has a call for actors titled “SANDITON series II”. The casting call was posted on January 15 – the same date the office space registration was discovered. On top of that the genre says “return of popular drama”.

The start date for shooting is apparently being planned for the summer of 2021, but what really made us laugh was that the network/distributor listed is ITV – the very company that cancelled Sanditon in the first place – not any of the streaming companies we’ve been pointing our attentions to. Apparently, playing hard-to-get can work.

Now, if you’re worried about seeing a casting call because you think a main character is being recast, we don’t think you need to fret. This call is likely for walk-on roles and extras – especially since there’s no specific character requirements listed.

So what’s happening?

It’s not hard to come to the conclusion that Sanditon season 2 is on the horizon and preparation for pre-production may already be underway. However, we also don’t want to get ahead of ourselves since there hasn’t been an official announcement yet.

Creating a TV show is fickle business and just because an office space has been registered doesn’t mean minds can’t change between now and the summer – hence the reason we haven’t been given a triumphant announcement just yet. However, we see no reason not to allow yourself some optimism and perhaps a little excitement. We just recommend waiting a bit longer before popping open that champagne bottle.

The Sisterhood has already been quite respectful of the writers and actors who have been fighting the good fight alongside us on Twitter, but we’d just like to add the reminder that it’s best not to hound them for answers. They may not know much more than we do at the moment, and if they do they likely can’t speak about it yet or they already would have.

What’s next for the Sisterhood?

The Sanditon Sisterhood has been working tirelessly for a stunningly long time now, trying every possible avenue to get the fabulous period drama renewed. While success does suddenly seem more imminent than it has previously that doesn’t mean we stop our efforts just yet.

We need to continue supporting the show just as we have until we get an announcement from Red Planet or ITV that season 2 really is on its way to production. We can keep adding to our ranks thanks to the popularity of Bridgerton, Netflix’s own hit period drama, and we should most definitely keep using our favorite hashtag #SaveSanditon.

Perhaps after all this time and a little bit of trouble we will get all that we desire – just like a rowdy bunch of 21st century Austen characters. If season 2 really does come to fruition, we think the Sanditon Sisterhood will more than deserve a break and a long bask in the glory of success – we’ll have made Jane Austen proud and we can’t wait to see how her last story ends.

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