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The cast members of 'Sanditon' are just too talented for us to bear. Here are all the fire supporting cast members from 'Sanditon'.

Not just Sidlotte: ‘Sanditon’ has the most fire supporting cast members

It’s kind of incredible how we can write so much about Sanditon and still feel like there’s so much to say. The cast members of Sanditon are just too talented for us to bear, and the characters they’ve created are rich, wonderful, and lovely.

We’ve waxed poetic about how perfect the story is, we’ve reminded anyone who needs to hear it (Amazon Prime UK) that Charlotte’s story isn’t nearly finished, and we’ve wondered what might happen to some of our main characters.

However, the cast of characters on Sanditon is so much more than just Sidney and Charlotte – it’s a lovely ensemble cast with characters so well developed we care about them just as much as our main protagonist. Sometimes we worry about them more than Charlotte – because no matter how dire the current situation, Sidlotte is endgame – but some of the other character’s fates are less obvious.

Tom and Mary Parker

Tom and Mary Parker are great people. They’re kind, inviting, and ambitious people who really do want to do something good for other people by making the town of Sanditon an exciting beachside resort.

However, this endearing couple has been left in a more worrisome situation than anyone of our other favorite characters. While broken hearts are awful, financial ruin is an even harder blow to get back up from. It’s especially terrifying for them because they have kids.

Tom’s brother, Sidney, is marrying for money to help his brother out, but we know Sidney doesn’t love her, so the wedding may not go forward. Lady Denham has been a financial supporter of Tom’s since the beginning, but we all know she has a temperament and her limits – we really do worry about how Tom and Mary will manage their debts.

Young Stringer

Our hearts break for Young Stringer. His whole life he’s wanted to raise himself up and become the architect he knows he’s capable of being, but his father always tried to guilt him into accepting the lot in life they were given. Stringer finally stood up to his father. Albeit in a very angry way, but can you blame him?

However, his father died shortly after their argument, and now Young Stringer is riddled with guilt. So much so, that he’s told himself he’s going to stay in Sanditon and continue life as usual, instead of pursuing his architect dreams. Stringer also lost out on Charlotte’s love, so he’s really edging toward rock bottom.

We hope someone or something is able to inspire Stringer to go after his dreams again. He’s smart & kind, and he deserves good things, but right now he’s just losing everything. It makes our hearts hurt to think about. Someone give this boy a hug! (We volunteer as tribute.)

Mrs. Griffiths and Reverend Hankins

These characters were created so the audience would have someone to roll their eyes at, but in a way this makes them endearing. They’re over the top in their desire of propriety, but it makes them quaint and loveable.

The two are so like minded that we can’t help but notice the hints of a crush brewing between them. We think they’d make an adorable pair, and would love to see something more develop.

Clara Brereton

Clara is an interesting character because of her complexities. She’s hinted at having had a rather difficult past, though we don’t ever get specifics – it would be interesting to learn them. She also has what appears to be a somewhat kind streak, afterall she was genuinely having fun with Charlotte when they went to the beach together.

However, Clara can also be rather conniving and manipulative. She has implied it’s due to her mysterious past, which we believe, but it really makes us curious what’s next for her. She said she had nothing to lose, so being kicked out by Lady Denham wasn’t an enormous blow to her.

Though, back then, women weren’t exactly expected to go off and forge a life of their own. So, what’s next for Clara? We know she headed to London, but where will she stay? What will she do? Will her and Mr. Crowe pursue the odd flirtation we saw in the deleted scene? While she might not be the kindest person in the world, we’re very invested in her story.

Sir Edward Denham

Edward, who was also disowned by Lady Denham, has admittedly lost more than Clara. He went belligerent at having completely cut off by her. We’re certain Edward being shooed out of Sanditon is temporary.

He will come back, and he will try to wreak havoc – we just don’t know what he’ll do. We would very much like to find out though. Perhaps he tries to sabotage the town further? It is Lady Denham’s pet project, which she had fed lots of money into. It was also where all the money in her will was going to go.

Perhaps, Edward might think if he sabotages the down Lady Denham will have no choice, but to leave her money with family instead.

We need more of Sanditon, not just so we can see Charlotte and Sidney get married & live happily ever after, but so we can see happy endings for all the other colorful and exciting characters which inhabit the story.

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