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Who’s that girl? It’s Jess! Get ready to laugh and eventually cry as we go through our favorite characters and their best moments from 'New Girl'.

Hey girl, whatcha doing? Laugh at these hilarious ‘New Girl’ characters

Who’s that girl? It’s Jess! Even though we’ve rewatched New Girl countless times . . . we miss it. How is that even possible? Well, seven seasons filled with laughter, love, and the loft will have that impact. Without New Girl, we wouldn’t have been introduced to the amazing characters known as Jess Day, Nick Miller, Winston Bishop, Schmidt, and Cece Parekh. 

Get ready to laugh and eventually cry as we go through our favorite characters and their best moments. 

Nick Miller

Nick is without a doubt the funniest New Girl character from the FOX show. This loveable slob is the center of many favorite episodes for fans. Here are some amazing highlights:

Gave you cookie, got you cookie! Schmidt & Nick are friendship goals in the best and worst way possible. 

Ever tried to convince your exes lover that you’re gay? Nick has. Gay Nick managed to convince Jess’s partner when Schmidt walked in and they shared an “intimate” kiss. 

This still makes us cry with laughter. We wonder how long it took until the characters realized Nick was crying in the middle of a field. 

No words . . . only screaming.


Schmidt is one of the strangest characters on New Girl yet never fails to make us cry with laughter. Without further ado, we welcome you to watch Schmidt’s best moments:

The douchebag jar is iconic throughout the series since Schmidt never learns his lesson. 

We love the romance between Schmidt & Cece especially when he performs this dance for her. But . . . we also find it hilarious because everything in New Girl always goes slightly awry. 

While we’re at it, just watch this hilarious compilation dedicated to one of our favorite New Girl characters. This is just season 1 and he only gets crazier from here . . . .

Winston Bishop

Poor loveable Winston, he’s always caught in some mess. Luckily for us, it causes hilarious results. Sit back, relax, and enjoy the car crash that is Winston Bishop: 

Don’t interfere when Winston is doing puzzles . . . seriously don’t!

Winston is colorblind? The moment of realization still has us laughing.

If you’ve watched New Girl then you know Winston Bishop loves pranks. He’s just really really bad at pulling them off. 

We will stand by the fact Furgerson & Winston’s relationship is one of the best from the series. 

Jess Day

Jessica Day, how you never fail to make us laugh at the painfully relatable situations you find yourself in. Who’s that girl? It’s Jess’s funniest moments: 

Sometimes certain words are just difficult to say. We just love how awkward Nick & Jess are in this scene. 

Need a sum up of New Girl season 1? Jessica Day and her quirky self is perfectly captured in this compilation. 

Nick & Jess are endgame. Even when they weren’t together, Jess on meds was able to declare her true thoughts . . . even if they were slightly risqué. 


We had to give a special shoutout to Nick’s best friend and silent character Tran. We love you Tran and this is why: 

Which New Girl character is your favorite? Do you still rewatch the FOX TV show? Let us know in the comments.

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