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Do you think Berlin from 'Money Heist' is really dead? Delve into the fan theory that he'll be back in Season 5.

‘Money Heist’ Season 5: Here are the reasons we think Berlin is alive

We’re both endlessly excited for Money Heist’s upcoming season 5, and also dreading it a tiny bit because we know it will be the last. While we wait for more episodes of Money Heist, we’ve been looking into all the fan theories on the internet. What could happen next? Who might die or survive? These questions have plagued us for months.

However, there’s one question that stands out above them all, and keeps appearing on the internet. At first we laughed at it – but the longer we’ve thought about it the more we can’t discount it: Is Berlin (Pedro Alonso) still alive?

There’s definitely issues with the theory, but there’s also some weirdly compelling parts of it depending on who you ask. Here are all the reasons we’ve started to wonder if maybe just maybe the fan favorite character Berlin is still alive and returning in season 5, not just for flashbacks, but for realsies.

It’s TV, he can survive

Berlin is believed dead because he stayed behind in the season two finale, laying cover fire in the escape tunnel to hold off the police while everyone else made a run for it. We then see Berlin run straight toward the police as he’s riddled with high caliber bullets.

While in real life nobody would believe someone could survive such a situation, Money Heist is a high drama television show, and we’ve all seen characters survive much more deadly situations with little more than a couple of scars.

Now, if you’re wondering about his terminal illness, we’ll again point to the same argument – perhaps Berlin was able to find an experimental treatment that worked for him, or maybe he was misdiagnosed from the beginning. Who knows? It’s a story, the answers can be whatever the writers want them to be.

We’ve seen fake deaths before

We think the recent heist could also be an indicator Berlin is alive. For starters, when Rio (Miguel Herrán) was captured by authorities what did they do? They most certainly didn’t go through the proper legal channels. Instead they snuck off with him to another country and tortured him while also interrogating him. Who’s to say they didn’t do this with Berlin first?

After all, we have seen faked deaths in Money Heist before. When the Professor overheard gunshots over the radio he was certain Lisbon was dead, but the police actually faked it – it’s possible that once Berlin was knocked over (and likely knocked out) from being hit with so many bullets they hauled him out of the tunnel and took him to a hospital.

Again, they might have done this in the hopes of interrogating him once he was more or less healthy again.

An interesting Instagram post

Despite being dead since season 2, Berlin continued to be part of every season since then. Instead of helping the crew pull off another heist, he appears in flashbacks from the Professor’s past. This means that when filming for the upcoming season started nobody was terribly surprised to see behind-the-scenes pictures of Alonso on set.

However, Alonso posted images of himself filming with one of the latest additions to the cast with an intriguing English caption. The description said “Monty and Python, obvious. 🦧❤️🦋🔥⛩ Not the past, not the future. @patrick.criado the present.”

Everything we’ve seen of Berlin for the last two seasons have been of the past – but now Alonso appears to be assuring us (no matter how cryptically) that these two are in the present. Funnily enough, this Instagram caption is the most compelling piece of the “Berlin is alive” theory – nothing from the actual show itself is nearly as convincing.

To us, it looks as if Berlin is teaching the new character something – perhaps how to be a great thief?

Fan service

Okay, let’s be real – if Berlin comes back (semi-magically) alive, then we all know it will be pure fan service. Berlin – despite being one of the very early casualties of the show remains one of the most popular characters of all.

Imagine how thrilled fans of Money Heist would be to see Berlin swan back into the Professor’s life in season 5, the final season. It would be emotional, exciting, and surprising, but it would also make fans extremely happy.

The writers can make it happen if they want to because it’s their show, and if they decide Berlin is still alive it will likely be solely because everyone has been talking about the possibility since the very moment we all found out he died.

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  • I hope to watch the last season soon

    October 6, 2020
  • Anticipating to see Season 5 in its grandest finale!

    October 7, 2020
  • But he had a disease which doesn’t have cured and also if he is alive he maximum have less than 6months to live but bank of Spain went to heist after 2 years of heist of royal mint
    So if he would be alive also after 6months or more he would be naturally died(because of disease)

    October 7, 2020
  • Am ready to spend my time and money on this

    October 7, 2020

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