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You know what's even more fun to look at than Jaime Lorente? Jaime Lorente with his cat. We'll stare at these until 'Money Heist' season 5 is released.

Want ‘Money Heist’ season 5? Enjoy Jaime Lorente and his cat being cute

While waiting for season 5 of Money Heist is testing everyone’s patience, we’re scrounging around for fun social media posts from the cast in order to fill the void. Today we were absolutely delighted by a post from the official Netflix Twitter – truly, this post will satisfy our need for Money Heist content for at least twenty-four hours.

As if we didn’t already need more reasons to absolutely adore Jaime Lorente, the actor who plays Denver, Netflix gave us four lovely pictures that have melted our hearts into liquidy piles of mush – and we’re completely okay with this.

We’re just going to go through these pictures one by one and, uh, analyze them . . . for research. Yeah, that’s it.

Fuzzy kisses

Okay, so was anyone going to tell us Jaime Lorente has a cat or were we just supposed to find this out on Netflix’s Twitter account ourselves?

This picture absolutely warms our cold despondent hearts. We’re not going to name names, but we know there’s some people who definitely wish they were a certain gray & white cat right about now.

We love seeing guys unabashedly adoring their pets. It shows a kinder and softer side to them, and we just cannot get enough of this Polaroid picture.

Kitty hugs

This picture left us a little speechless, which is unfortunate because having things to say is our job. However, we’ve composed ourselves and we’re ready to continue our research.

Okay, first of all, we’re just going to say it – he’s hot. 🔥🔥🔥 The only thing that could make this image better is if we could see his face.

Second of all, the cat. Look at how happy this little fluff ball is. It’s obvious this kitty trusts its human and enjoys cuddling up with Jaime. Anyone who has ever owned a cat knows the only way to safely hold a kitty with this much skin exposed is with the feline’s full unwavering trust.

Sleepy day

This picture just has all the vibes of a lazy Saturday morning and we’re living for it. The fuzzy bathrobe, the cuddly kitty, and the undeniably handsome man.

It’s a picture like this that makes a fandom wish an actor was single – not that anyone has a chance at self inserting themselves into this scenario, but we know people like to daydream about it. We know the fandom life. We see you.

Alas, you’ll all have to keep dreaming because this man is very unsurprisingly taken.

Too cool

We love this less candid picture. It feels like Jaime’s cat is in on the joke and posed right alongside its owner. Both are giving off some serious too-cool-for-school energy here.

The sunglasses are a fashion choice and we are respecting it over here in the Film Daily writer’s room. We’re also loving Jaime’s lovely curly locks of hair.

Despite the serious faces on both photo subjects, we’re pretty certain everyone was having fun with this little impromptu photoshoot. We know we are.

So, will this help tide you over until season 5 of Money Heist is released? What’s your favorite picture? If you want to know our season 5 theories for the show you can find them here.

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