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'Money Heist' has been confirmed for a fifth & final season on Netflix. Here are all the theories surrounding season 5.

Here are the only ‘Money Heist’ season 5 theories you need

Money Heist has been confirmed for a fifth & final season on Netflix. The acclaimed crime series started filming earlier this month, but the coronavirus pandemic has slowed production and pushed the season 5 release date back to 2021. 

Fans have put forth numerous predictions on the future of the Money Heist crew, including the death of some characters and the surprise reveal of others’ secret identities. We’ve decided to sift through the most popular fan theories below and determine which hold weight.

Beware of spoilers below!

Berlin (Pedro Alonso) will return – alive

Berlin’s death was one of the most crushing moments of season 2. As we inch towards the conclusion of Money Heist, however, Berlin’s fate remains shrouded in mystery. Did the charismatic thief really die? Most fans think not. Berlin appears in several flashbacks throughout season 4, which some have characterized as a hint towards his eventual return.

Reddit users theorize that Berlin easily could have donned a bulletproof vest before his standoff with the police and then gone into hiding. Actor Pedro Alonso has denied claims that Berlin is still alive – but that hasn’t stopped Money Heist fans from compiling lots of evidence to the contrary. We’re intrigued by this one – and we hope it’s true!

Gang will escape Royal Bank through the front door

The season 4 cliffhanger saw the Money Heist gang trapped in the Royal Bank and eager to escape. They didn’t dig any getaway tunnels like last time, so one Reddit user theorizes that their plan is simply to walk out the front door. 

This Money Heist theory incorporates the fact that Tokyo and company were seen melting gold into granules, and suggests they will incite chaos on the streets by raining the granules down from the sky. Amidst the chaos, the gang will be able to pose as hostages and slip out the front door undetected. 

Given the gang’s intellect and unwillingness to repeat a getaway plan, we’d say this theory is very likely.

Gandía (José Manuel Poga) will return – also alive

Gandía (José Manuel Poga) shocked Money Heist viewers when he executed Nairobi (Alba Flores) in the season 4 episode “Strike the Tent.”  The hulking villain got his comeuppance when he was knocked unconscious and left for dead, but most fans agree they haven’t really witnessed his demise. Firstly, it would take a lot more than a bump on the head to snuff out such a prominent (and hated) character.

Secondly, Gandía knows the Royal Bank like the back of his hand. He would prove invaluable to the crew as they attempt their getaway. He’s also guaranteed to attempt at least one double-cross, so his return is sure to bring about some tense situations.

We’d say this theory is practically guaranteed.

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Berlin (Pedro Alonso) is Alicia’s “dead” husband

Berlin (Pedro Alonso) was a fan favorite during his time on Money Heist, largely because his terminal illness gave him a reckless attitude. His “death” came as a shock – but not quite as shocking as this theory involving him & Alicia Sierra (Najwa Nimri). 

According to Alicia, her husband was named Germán and he died of cancer before the events of Money Heist. She also told Raquel his last words were “Turn on the news.” Not only does Berlin’s mysterious illness mirror the symptoms of cancer, but Berlin is the capital of Germany, and Alicia’s husband’s name is Germán.

The clues are circumstantial, but the logic behind them (combined with the Berlin facts) has made this one of the most popular Money Heist theories yet.

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Tokyo (Úrsula Corberó) will die before the series finale

Most Money Heist predictions involving Tokyo (Ùrsula Corberó) posit her as the last person standing in the end – not so fast! One Reddit user pointed to season 4 events as proof Tokyo’s life is more at risk than ever. 

The gang convinced Gandía to lie about killing Tokyo at the same time he did Nairobi, which means she’s no longer on authorities’ radar. Tokyo has a massive target on her back moving forward. “The police aren’t going to be aware that Tokyo is still alive and heisting,” the user wrote. “I don’t know if Tokyo’s death would matter much to the police anymore.”

While the theory of Tokyo dying is highly unlikely, the subversive track record of Money Heist warrants its inclusion as a possible outcome. We wait with baited breath for the conclusion of the Royal Bank story arc.

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