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Marvel fans, the moment you've been waiting for has arrived! The first 'Eternals' teaser just dropped, and we have all the deets on what it covers here.

‘Eternals’: Watch the teaser trailer for Marvel’s strangest movie to date

Marvel just dropped the newest trailer for Eternals, and it looks incredible. This November, Eternals will change the typical Marvel formula and introduce a whole new team of superheroes to the MCU. The film is directed by Chloé Zhao, who recently became the second woman in history to win the Academy Award for Best Director with her film Nomadland

Eternals follows a group of immortal super-beings who have lived on Earth for thousands of years. The film was shot in real-world locations as much as possible, and the new trailer reveals how that decision has given Eternals a look that is distinctive from other Marvel outings. 

Marvel hasn’t revealed much about the plot of Eternals, and fans will have to wait until November 5th to see the film. In the meantime, why not catch up on all the details that can be gleaned from the comics & the new trailer? We’ve got you covered.

Who are the Eternals? 

The Eternals were created by legendary comic book writer Jack Kirby. If you’re a fan of all things Marvel, you have Kirby to thank. He created Captain America with co-writer Joe Simon back in the pre-Marvel days of comic books. Working with Stan Lee in the 60s, Kirby created Spider-Man, the Fantastic Four, the Hulk, the X-Men, and Iron Man. 

Kirby left Marvel in 1970, claiming the company & Stan Lee weren’t appropriately crediting him for his work. He returned for a brief run with the company from 1976-1978, and in that time he created the Eternals. 

Strap in for some high-tier nerd lore. The Eternals are a race of immortal humanoids created by the god-like Celestials. Each Eternal possesses the capacity for super strength, flight, telepathy, teleportation, illusion casting, transmutation of matter, and energy casting. Typically, an Eternal chooses to specialize in one area of power, strengthening one ability at the expense of weakening others. 

In the comics, the Eternals are locked in an endless struggle against their creators and another group of beings called the Deviants. Celestials created the Deviants when they created the Eternals, but the former are horrifically mutated creatures who believe they have dominion over the Earth. 

Eternals & the MCU

Technically, Eternals have already appeared in Marvel films. According to the comics, Thanos himself was an Eternal, albeit one who fell astray. So far, Marvel hasn’t confirmed if that same origin applies to the Thanos of the MCU. Celestials have appeared, too – Peter Quill is revealed to be a descendent of one in Guardians of the Galaxy Vol 2

Eternals will focus on a group of ten immortals who have secretly lived on Earth for 7,000 years. The diverse team will introduce Marvel’s first gay superhero and first deaf superhero. It will also bring more new faces, and new powers, to the MCU than any previous superhero team. 

The cliff notes: Sersi (Gemma Chan) manipulates matter. Ikaris (Richard Madden) is the team’s tactical leader. Kingo (Kumail Nanjiani) shoots cosmic projectiles. Sprite (Lia McHugh) projects illusions. Phastos (Brian Tyree Henry) is a cosmic-powered inventor. Makkari (Lauren Ridloff) has super speed. Druig (Barry Keoghan) can control minds. Gilgamesh (Don Lee) projects an exoskeleton of cosmic energy. 

Now, the main event

The Eternals have nudged humanity’s development from time to time, but, as a voice in the new trailer says, “have never interfered . . . until now.” Whatever event necessitates the Eternals breaking their secrecy must be pretty important considering they were comfortable sitting out during the fight against Thanos. 

The trailer makes no plot revelations, but it shows off the beautiful cinematography of the film and gives a brief look at the star-studded cast. Absent from the trailer are the Deviants, who are presumably the villains of the film. Marvel will likely reveal their look as more details about Eternals come out closer to the film’s release. 

The wait for Eternals may be long, but it won’t be boring. Between now & November 5th, Marvel will release Black Widow on July 9th and Shang-Chi and the Legend of the Ten Rings on September 3rd. After Eternals will come the third MCU Spider-Man film on December 17h. It’s a good year to be a Marvel fan. 

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