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Marvel Phase 4 is probably the best thing that could have happened to Disney Plus. Should you keep your accounts? Let's find out.

Is Marvel phase 4 saving Disney Plus? Why you should keep your accounts

If there is a downside to Disney Plus, then it’s probably that there isn’t a ton of “older” content aimed at teens/adults. Sure, if you’re an animation love, then you can watch all these beloved movies until the cows come home. But, admittedly, the content aimed toward an older demographic is relatively limited. While The Mandalorian had people snapping up accounts, we still needed something more. 

Honestly, Marvel Phase 4 is probably the best thing that could have happened to Disney Plus. Due to the praise of series like WandaVision, Falcon and the Winter Soldier, and, now, Loki, people are interested in exploring what Disney+ has to offer. With it, there’s going to be more “adult” (for lack of a better term) content in order to get people interested in watching. 

Why should you keep your Disney Plus accounts?

Marvel has a ton more series to debut! Not to mention whatever Star Wars is brewing. We still have Hawkeye, Miss Marvel, Ironheart, Secret Invasion, Armor Wars, and whatever the second season may appear. We’re hoping for a season of Captain America and the Winter Soldier after Captain America 4 is all we’re saying. Plus, who knows? Maybe we could get more Loki.

Basically, the possibilities are endless. We could get more series in the long term from Disney Plus. So as their library fills out, it’s the perfect time to keep your accounts so you can enjoy the Marvel shows when they drop rather than waiting for a torrent or something. You want to go, go, go? Here’s the best way to do so, you know? The MCU is not slowing down.

In addition, if you want, like, every single one of the Marvel movies (except the Spider-Man ones) out there, then you have plenty of things to keep you occupied. Who knows? Maybe Marvel movies will drop early on Disney Plus after their theater runs? It’s wishful thinking. People have to make money off DVD, but we can definitely live in hope on that front, yeah? 

Marvel Phase 4 is only going to get bigger

Unlike, say, the first three Phases of the MCU, Marvel Phase 4 has the potential to last a while. We don’t know what this phase of the MCU is going to build to in the long term. Due to this, there’s no way we can say how long Phase 4 of the MCU will be. Between the films & TV shows, Phase 4 is looking to be one of the longest & densest in terms of content for the MCU. 

If the Disney+ series truly tie into the MCU in a huge way, then it’s only natural to want to have the full pictures. That’s where you maintaining your Disney+ account comes in. By keeping up with the accounts, then you can make sure that you have the full picture that’s needed when the MCU’s Phase 4 hits its climax. That way, you have a broad idea of what’s happened.

What more “adult” content? Then watch the shows

The only way to get more “grown-up” content on Disney+ is to show that accounts are watching said “grown-up” content on there. We’re probably never going to get like a murder mystery series out of it, but we could get things that are more generated to the older end of the family rather than the kiddos, you know? That’s basically what people really want.

Basically, streaming accounts should offer a balance. Something should be able to be shown for all ages. That’s how we can get the most out of our Disney Plus accounts.

Do you think Marvel Phase 4 will help Disney Plus out? Or will you cancel your accounts? Let us know your thoughts in the comments down below! 

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