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Deadpool makes his crossover into the MCU, but not through a movie. Welcome the Merc with a Mouth in this promo for 'Free Guy'.

‘Free Guy’: Watch Deadpool react to this movie alongside MCU’s Korg

Okay, fellas. If this doesn’t endear you to that upcoming Free Guy movie, odds are nothing will. Marketing whiz extraordinaire Ryan Reynolds – who also does some acting on the side – has delivered viral gold once again. Reynolds donned the Deadpool suit he’s become known for, not to promote a new Deadpool movie, but rather to produce a unique “reaction video” to the most recent Free Guy trailer. And he wasn’t alone.

Reynolds’s Deadpool was joined by an unlikely figure from the MCU: Korg, the fan-favorite rock alien first introduced in Thor: Ragnarok. And if you think the unexpected team-up of Deadpool & Korg – who’s voiced by Taika Waititi, Reynolds’s costar in the Free Guy movie – sounds like a brilliant idea . . . well, you’re absolutely right. For more than one reason too.

Before we expand on that, let’s all take a look at that reaction video so we’re all on the same page.


All eyes on Free Guy

Just so we’re clear: the Free Guy movie doesn’t take place in the Marvel Cinematic Universe (at least as far as we all know). Shawn Levy’s film, written by Matt Lieberman & Zak Penn, certainly seems to share the same sensibilities and pop culture awareness as most MCU movies, but it also looks like it stands on its own, universe-free, so to speak.

In fact, if we were to compare the Free Guy movie to a fairly recent film release, it would be accurate to bring Ready Player One into the discussion. Much like that Steven Spielberg joint, Free Guy gives us the in-depth experience of living inside a video game. However, a key difference is Free Guy’s protagonist – played by Reynolds – is an unremarkable NPC (non-player character) who doesn’t even know he’s part of a game.

The real fun in the Free Guy movie begins when Reynolds’s character becomes aware of the world he lives in. Suddenly, he’s the only person who can save the videogame from being shut down by its developers. In addition to Reynolds & Waititi, the film features Stranger Things’ Joe Keery (Steve!), as well as Jodie Comer, Lil Rel Howery, and Utkarsh Ambudkar.

Thor might be jealous

The real reason Deadpool & Korg’s reaction video to the Free Guy movie is making waves all over the online world has nothing to do with the film it’s promoting. The four-minute and twenty-seven seconds video unofficially marks Deadpool’s first interaction with a member of the Marvel Cinematic Universe. Who would’ve thought Korg would be the lucky character to be blessed with this honor?

Sure, it remains unclear if the reaction video is taking place in the MCU proper, or if somehow Korg travelled to Deadpool’s own universe. Or maybe they’re both somewhere else. The YouTube universe, maybe? Whatever the case, it’s a hell of a tease for comic book fans who’ve been wondering what an MCU Deadpool would be like. The answer seems to be: not particularly different from the Deadpool we all know & love. 

Now, all reports – official & unofficial – point out to a long wait before we get an actual glimpse at what the third Deadpool movie (the first of its MCU kind) will be like. But the reaction video, which Reynolds posted on his own YouTube channel, makes for a good pre-first-look, if such a thing exists. Is it too much to hope for a whole series of these, slowly easing Deadpool into his new Marvel home?



Ryan Reynolds loves doing this sort of stuff, stirring the film industry pot in fun, irreverent ways. The fact that Marvel let him do this type of publicity stunt using a popular MCU character probably speaks to their willingness to embrace Reynolds’s antics. The fact that the Free Guy movie is a Disney production of sorts (which used to be a 20th Century Fox production before The Mouse acquired the studio) must have helped a lot, of course.

So, seriously, what are the chances of seeing Deadpool & Korg reacting to other things on YouTube? It doesn’t even have to be trailers. And it doesn’t even have to be Korg. Maybe Deadpool & Rocket Raccoon reacting to blooper reels? How about Deadpool & one of The Eternals reacting to Disney+ shows recaps?

The possibilities are endless.

Was this Deadpool & Korg video the final straw that convinced you to check out the Free Guy movie when it comes out next month? Let us know in the comments!

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