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We searched through the nine circles to find the most epic moments from 'Lucifer' season 3. Dive into the best & craziest scenes.

‘Lucifer’: Embrace your dark side with season 3’s craziest scenes

Lucifer has had a lot of great moments. From the growing romance of Deckerstar to the hilarity of Lucifer’s fear of children, the show has a little something for everyone. 

No other season of the show has shown that better than Lucifer season 3. Between the Sinnerman, Cain, and Lucifer’s own journey toward confessing his love for Chloe, the season was a devil of a good time that still has lasting effects on the show’s storyline. 

Naturally, we searched through the nine circles to find the most epic moments from Lucifer season 3. Grab your gun and dive into the best & craziest scenes from Lucifer season 3. 

Ready, fight! 

Let’s be honest, we had been waiting for an Amenadiel vs. Lucifer fight since the first episode. We just never banked on it being so. . . emotional. 

Throughout this flashback episode, we’ve seen Lucifer as his usual carefree self, more so since this takes place when he first arrives on Earth, before Lucifer begins his journey of self-reflection. But after Amenadial calls Lucifer evil (something fans of the show know is a bad idea) Lucifer loses it and goes full rage-mode against his brother, winning the fight due to Amenadial’s desire to not fight him. 

The scene really showcases that Lucifer’s hatred toward the stereotypes associated with him has always been there, even before he fell for Chloe. It also shows how emotionally vulnerable he is, reminding viewers that sometimes, words can hurt as much as any punch. Still, the fight left many fans cheering as well as considering what it says about our lovable Devil’s character

Hello, drug dealers! 

Speaking of fights (and moving onto something a little lighter) this side-splitting scene really highlights just how much of a b@$%^& our Devil can be when it comes to fighting. 

As usual, Deckerstar has a case and Chloe is trying to prevent Lucifer from going too far when it comes to getting answers out of their lead, a set of drug dealers who own a Korean spa

The comedy comes when, after Chloe does a fantastic impression of him and outlines what he’ll probably do, Lucifer refutes it only to do exactly what she said, though he says the exact same phrase she made fun of him for in Korean rather than English, like she assumed. 

Lucifer then proceeds to kick butt before getting to the main baddie no problem, showing us why it’s always smart to have the Devil on your side. 

Final boss 

It’s all come down to this. Pierce reveals himself as the Sinnerman (sorry, spoilers) leading to Chloe & Lucifer confronting him. Chloe proclaims she won’t stand down, only to be gunned down right in front of Lucifer’s eyes. 

Lucifer manages to protect her using his wings, with an incredible acting moment from Lucifer actor Tom Ellis really cinching the scene. But it’s after he gets Chloe to safety that the scene really becomes epic. 

The fight between Lucifer & Pierce a.k.a Cain is insane, with high flying and brutal blows that end with Cain dead and Lucifer finally revealing himself as the Devil to Chloe (a.k.a Chloe finally figuring out what fans have been screaming at her for the last three seasons). 

This is an epic ending to the season that both wraps up the story and leaves fans wanting more of our lovable Devil as he continues to learn what it truly means to be human. 

Are there any amazing Lucifer season 3 moments that we missed? Drop them below in the comments so we can get our fix of this b@$%^&  Devil and his amazing partner. 

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